Saturday, 28 September 2013

September favourites

September is a bit of a weird month for me, on 12 September I flew back to Hong Kong (relocation) to reunite with Mr Holiday who is working there.  I have now been here for just over 2 weeks - times fly it's unbelievable.  

I haven't ventured out yet to try any new beauty products as I had been on a shopping ban for 2 weeks, I'm glad it's nearly over now - 2 days to go!

I tried to recall what I have been enjoying wearing makeup wise or skincare products in the first half of the month whilst I was still in London but I can't remember any bits at all.  Things have moved on so much so fast this month.  It must have been the overwhelming relocation experience has completely washed away my memories.  However, when I tried to prepare for this blogpost, I instantly thought about these products which I have been using regularly in the past 2 weeks in Hong Kong.  

Entering September means the beginning of Autumn in London but for Hong Kong, it's still as hot as ever, well at least to me it's like at the peak of summer - HOT (30c everyday), humid (at least 70% - 90%).  My original dry skin definitely feels more greasy, although not oily.  The sun is strong, too so I made sure I had stocked up on a good sun protection for my skin, for that I reached out to Clinique's Super City Block SPF 40 everyday, not only does it offer the sun protection that I needed, it also blocks out the nasty pollution in the air for gals who live in a busy city - like me!  This oil-free sun protection squeezes out from the tube as a beige/nude colour cream but once blended with fingers all over the face, it sets transparent.  It doesn't clog up my skin I don't think and I feel that the texture is very light.

For some strange reasons I used my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation a lot, partly because I wanted to use up as much of these as possible before November comes (as I bought this almost a year ago and once it's gone by its expiry date I will be a bit skeptical of using it), partly probably because I wanted something that gives me a little bit more coverage but still doesn't make my face feeling greasy and this has done the job perfectly.

I needed a bit more more coverage on a daily basis than usual because I have a few spots on my forehead and on my right cheeks, I blame it on the stress of relocation, the humidity and the jetlag that causes lack of sleep in the past 2 weeks.  My skin needed time to recover but before that, when I needed pinpointed coverage on my spots, I reunited with my trusted undercover pot concealer by Laura Mercier.  As you can see, the bit for my under eye areas has been well loved but I re-discovered how great a coverage the left bit gives to my spot, and I set it with the powder below the two compartments.  It lasts a good 6-8 hours, and under such hot and humid climate - this gets a massive thumbs up from me!  I totally recommend it to anyone!

Finally, my overflowing, over-congested mascaras stash needed to get used up so instead of buying anymore extra ones; I turned my attention to my current ones which I haven't used it as much as the others.  L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic Infinite Length  Effect Mascara (Waterproof) has made it to my favourite list for lengthening my lashes - it's effective and it doesn't smudge!

What beauty/ skincare products have made it to your favourite list in September?

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