Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Some pots and a few tubes

I  went away for a family trip in Paris last month as you know (I'm such a long way away from Europe now!), you can click here and here to refresh memories on what I bought.

Without realising it myself, I found that I brought along with me products mostly in the shape of pots and tubes, for which fingers became my best makeup tools. I found this combination  incredibly convenience, liberating and organic when it comes to the application of makeup and the texture of these beauty products moisturising for my dry skin.

Products list:

A fresh and clean makeup look which gives me the coverage I needed but the glow that I like, no colours that are too outrageously obvious but enough to give some definitions for my eye areas especially. 

Are you a fan of pots and tubes form of beauty products? Have you got a favourite?

P.S. You can pick up RMS Beauty products from Cult Beauty (Online) or a very special shop in called Being Content in Marylebone where they stock RMS Beauty.  It is not easy to find RMS Beauty products in the UK, so when I visited Being Content recently, I was super excited to swap RMS Beauty products on my hands and decided to get a few!

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