Thursday, 26 September 2013

Update on Shopping Ban

Last week I announced that I'm going on a shopping ban until the end of September. Well I'm more than half way now.

You might be wondering how I have done so far.

I haven't bought a single beauty product (yet)! Well I have, shampoo and conditioner, body wash and they are necessities because I don't already have these in where I live 

I have done a little bit of shopping here and there, but I haven't yet had the urge to purchase anything yet; until yesterday.....

I caved in when I went into a little boutique which sells all these loose fitting high-low, longer length plain colour Korean clothes. I was so stressed with all the moving and relocation stuff that I didn't care and snapped up 4 pieces of top! I can't wait to wear them. Some were a bit more tricky to style but with what I have for accessories, I'm sure I can crack it!

Shopping in Hong Kong really is rather amazing, any brands from anywhere in the world, you name it Hong Kong has it for you, and more. Borghese, Bioderma, Melvita, Apivita, fresh, and the list goes on and on.... That is probably why I have been a little more than overwhelmed. And, technically I'm not on holiday in here, I am now living here so there are plenty, absolutely plenty of time for me to try anything and everything that takes my fancy.

I'm thinking, after my shopping ban is over, there's one thing in my beauty stash that I will continue to ban myself from buying, that is; MASCARAS. 

I have way too many and all of them, as you know has a short (6-month) expiry date so I'm going to use them up until the end of this year before I'll buy any new one!

Meanwhile, there is one particular thing that has really caught my eyes when I browsed at a shop called Global Work. It's a pair of earrings:

I really love it, I like the simplicity of the design. It's only HK$89 (£7). However, what's the point of setting myself a challenge at the first place of not buying anything and then later breaking it? If by the time my shopping ban is up, and I still want it; I think that means I really want it and it's meant to be. For now, I can resist not buying this.

Are you on a shopping ban right now? Or have you been on one in the past? How was it like for you?

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