Sunday, 8 September 2013

In-flight Beauty Bag

There must be something in the air, I seem to be travelling all the darn time this year.  This week I am going long-haul again, all the way to Hong Kong.  A bit of announcement in here, too - I am relocating to Hong Kong in just a few days of time to reunite with my husband who now works in Hong Kong.  I look forward to continuing to blog and bring you more new thoughts and reviews on products when I have settled down in there.  Meanwhile, normal posting of blogpost should remain regular - I'll do my best!

Anyway, packing my in-flight beauty bag was the highlight for this packing mayhem!  I snapped up the Charlotte Tilbury's Makeup Bag recently from Selfridges after my sister Forks and Brushes has got one for herself.  I am loving this makeup bag everyday - I love the printed lips (from iconic fashion women, shame I didn't know whose lips are who) on one side, and the little phrase, 'Give A Woman The Right Make-up & She Can Conquer The World' on the other side - very empowering, well said Charlotte!

Sometimes I try to avoid cotton material makeup bag because of how dirty it can get, however I now think that it is actually better for cleaning purposes.  I also love this makeup bag for how wide the bag can open up.  This makes life much easier when I need to fetch something out from the makeup bag.  The size of the makeup bag also makes it very flexible to fit it rather a lot of products in but at the same time the shape doesn't stay bulky if there isn't too many things inside.

As you can see I am planning to take with me quite a number of things, just in case!  There are mainly two groups of products: skincare and makeup.

What's better time to try out some sample when you are travelling.  This time I am bringing along with me an Aesop Facial Cleanser, Biotherm Aquasource 24-hr hydration moisturising gel and Kiehl Ultra Facial Moisturiser.  I especially left these two moisturiser to use on the flight to use because of their reputations of keeping skin very hydrated, that will be exactly what I need on a long haul flight!   I am not normally a face-wipe user but on the plane, I thought it is a rather convenient tool.  Under eye areas is also my priority especially on a long-haul flight so I brought along my Tony Moly Intense Care Snail Eye Cream (I also like to bring products which I need to use up).  As my hands can get so dry any time, and on the plane it gets even drier, I am bringing along with me a travel size Rose 4 Reine Hand Cream by L'Occitane.  My lips can also get so dry therefore I brought along two lip balms: La Roche Posay lip balm and a recent favourite Reve De Miel Lip Balm by Nuxe it is a light weight but impressively moisturising and hydrating lip balm.  Finally some essentials, tooth brush, tooth paste and my contact lenses case.

I have also included a few makeup bits, I picked these because I won't need to reach out for my brushes at all.  I don't think I will use all of them up but I think I'll want to put something up to refresh my face before I touch down in Hong Kong!

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua - I love taking this when I'm travelling because this foundation provides a finish which is in between of a tinted moisturiser and a foundation - light weight but enough for a light to medium coverage dependent on how my skin feels.

RMS Beauty 'Un' Cover up - my new favourite concealer and can be doubled up as a foundation if needs be.  I like how hydrating and light this concealer is.  It can also be used to lightly brighten up those dark circles.  Most important of all it doesn't cake up at all!

RMS Beauty Living Luminiser  - another great discovery which I found.  Cream highlighter isn't the commonest product so when I saw this and tried it on my hands, I instantly fell in love with the texture - smooth and hydrating, and gives the most natural dewy luminising finish without making you looking like a glitter ball.  Great for highlighting brow bones, cheekbones and the bridge of the nose using your fingers.

Other products taken:

I want to know what do you bring on your inflight beauty bag?  


  1. I have also been traveling quite a bit with more trips planned for the next few months. I usually only pack hand sanitizer, hand cream, lip balm, and toiletries.

    Best of luck with your relocation and I've followed you via bloglovin to keep up with your updates from HK!

    1. Thanks so much Julie! Thanks for following my blog. Hope you have lots of fun in your upcoming trips!