Friday, 20 September 2013

Hong Kong Drugstores

Moving to another country altogether, apart from having to adjust to lots of changes in lifestyle, another important area for me as a beauty addict is to familiarise myself with the local beauty scene.

When I was living in London, Boots and Superdrug were two of my favourite places to hang out. In Hong Kong, you can find the equivalent and they are called Watson's and Mannings. They work exactly the way Boots and Superdrug do, they are Hong Kong chained pharmacies, in there you can find things from panadol tablets, to drinks , and of course beauty products. 

Apart from some big European and American drugstore beauty brands; there are tons of Japanese beauty brands! I'm yet to explore but in times, I'm sure I'll try them one by one and share with you all here.

To start off with, I quickly applied for their storecards. Watson's one is a lime green plastic opaque card, which design could be a little better. However I'm not complaining at all, I felt so excited when I got my hands on the card! I joined the club, yay!

Apart from using this card in-store to collect points, this card can be used in other stores such as supermarkets, how great is that!

Of course, getting a Watson's store card without also getting one from Mannings is a crime, it's unfair. How could I possibly not? So I also got a Mannings' card. I think I might prefer this over Watson's. although I didn't quite like the orange colour, I like this transparent card better as its a little bit thinner so it felt a little more chic. I also like it the fact that apart from the main card, it also comes with 3 key ring sized cards. I'm showing 2 here as Mr Holiday has already taken one from me straightaway! But what a great idea to have this design, one household can collect points on one card which in turn can save up more for the family in the long term!

Another really good feature for these storecards apart from collecting points and hence using them to purchase stuff, every day you get some sorts of discounts. You get 10% off for purchasing own brand (Watson's and Mannings) stuff every day in the month. Then on 10th of every month, not only you get the 10% for own brand products, there are lots of other products, including beauty stuff; are included in this offer!

Wow I'm so shopping there on the 10th every month!

I will continue to do more investigative work on finding out the main differences between the two stores, including brands available, offer and services, then report back! By the way, I saw Boots own brand products, also No.7 stuff available in Mannings!

Do you have your own favourite to-go drugstore in where you live?

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  1. In Mannings, u get special offer/gift purchase every Fri/Sat/Sun!!!!!!