Wednesday, 11 September 2013

A Sharing: Gel Manicure at Nails Inc

I am a fan of gel nails but because of its rather high maintenance in between one treatment and another, I only really have it done for special occasions or at times when I could foresee I will be so busy I won't have time to do my nails for a few weeks.

I normally have my gel nails done in just some random nails bar locally but this time, I decided to give the Paint Shop by nails inc at Selfridges a go.

I made an appointment 2 days in advance but normally you could get a same day appointment as a walk-in customer, only if it isn't a busy day.  

As I arrived at The Paint Shop, I was asked to choose a colour of my choice.  I knew the shade I wanted so it wasn't too challenging to pick my favourite.

I wanted a neutral tone, beige/ nude type of colour, so in the end I chose Basil Street.

A 45-minute gel manicure will set you back at £38 which costs a little bit more than a local nails bar, so I expected a little more from Nails Inc.  I always opted for an Intensive Cuticle Therapy which cost me another £10, but I wanted my nails to look as perfect as possible so I didn't mind paying the extra.

I have to say though, I felt the team was a little disorganised when I first arrived.  Although I was told to pick a nail colour of my choice, I didn't know that I wasn't restricted to nails inc. own brand's shades only.  As I was having my nails done, I saw other customers choosing colours from other brands available in the shop floor area, such as Butter London, Essie.  Luckily I was pleased with what I have chosen, otherwise I would have been gutted if I knew I had a wider range of choice to choose from.

I had to wait for quite a bit before any nail technician attended to me, so I was left a little confused sitting there waiting.....

However, I ended up having a really experienced, patience and friendly nail technician who helped do my nails.

Firstly I had my cuticle treatment which did make my nails and cuticle looking rather neat and tidy!

Then she applied a coat of gel nail base onto my nails and in between my hands were put underneath some UV lights - I guess that's the secret to the long-lasting effect of gel manicure.

After a coat of gel nail base, she then applied 'Basil Street' on all of my nails.  Then topped it off with another coat of gel nail top coat.  Again my hands had to undergo the UV light machine.

The whole process lasted for just over an hour.  It was very relaxing and pampering and I loved how it looked in the end.

It was glossy and shiny.  I love 'Basil street' as well, it is such a neutral and elegant colour.  As I wanted something to last for 3 weeks (gel manicure normally lasts up to 3 weeks), so I didn't want a colour that is too 'outstanding' that wouldn't go with my outfits for 3 weeks.

After two weeks, my nails were still looking strong - no chipping and the glossiness and shininess were still maintaining!
Gel Manicure after 2 weeks

Overall I am satisfied by the gel manicure provided by Nails Inc. but I most likely wouldn't go back and have my nails done again by them just because it is a little bit more expensive than my local nails bar which they offer the same result, dare I say a little better (both the customer service and finishing result).  My gel manicure has lasted well for just over 2 weeks, then it was just me who couldn't stand it anymore and had them taken off.  Otherwise, I am confidence they will last for 3 weeks as they claimed.

However, I do think as a birthday gift to girlfriends would be an idea option!

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