Saturday, 13 April 2013

Beauty grows at Caudalie

One of my recent biggest discovery in the beauty world is a brand called Caudalie.  I found out about the Beauty Elixir by Caudalie from watching one of Lisa Eldridge's video on her youtube Channel about her Long Haul Flight Beauty Regime.  Ever since then I have fallen in love with this brand and is eager to try out as many of its products as possible.

It was a causal Sunday afternoon last week, my sister and I went shopping.  We strolled down Marylebone High Street and walked pass SpaceNK - didn't expect to buy anything but there I was, ended up with the following purchase........

Caudalie gift set available from SpaceNK priced at £20 

 This 5-piece set of Caudalie essential is priced at an amazing price of £20, available from SpaceNK.  It comes with a simple designed makeup/wash bag which I will definitely re-use.  Within which, the beauty elixir spray is my favourite of all.

Let me briefly introduce each product to you

1. Lip Conditioner

Simply it is a lip conditioning balm - it isn't just an ordinary lip balm, it is what it says on the tin - CONDITIONING.  You might have read from my previous post on Revlon lipgloss, I have very dry and chapped lips and I am constantly searching for the most moisturising lip balm.  I think I might have found it - I have been applying this for a week now at night before I go to bed, the next day when I wake up, it seems to have improved the condition of my lips.  I'll keep using it to achieve best results!

2. Divine Oil

This little bottle contains 15ml of Divine oil for Body, Face and Hair (Full size would be 100ml priced at £27) - basically everywhere all over your body (imagine this!).  It is very rich in texture and definitely can nourish your skin if you have very dry skin.  I can't figure out the smell though just yet but it certainly isn't unpleasant.

3. Hand and Nail Cream

This is a perfect sized hand and nail cream for every girl's handbags.  This tube contains 30ml (full size is about 75ml priced at £12).  It is not greasy but it definitely is moisturising as it absorbs very easily and quickly by the skin.

4.  Beauty Elixir

Ahhhhhhh - my FAVOURITE product - BEAUTY ELIXIR.  I can't quite explain why I LOVE this product so much.  I'm basically addicted to the scent, it's quite strong and I would say it is not to everyone's cup of tea.  I have used it during one of my long haul flights before and it definitely has helped wake me up.  I carry it around with me in my handbag and have a little spray to the palm of my hands, rub it and inhale it straight into my nose and instantly I feel refreshed, reenergised.  Amazing product!  The only criticism is that if you don't shake the bottle regularly, there seems to have formed a brownish residual circle close to the neck of the bottle but it doesn't bother me as the formation of this doesn't seem to have changed the quality of the product.

Here's a picture to show how crazy I am about Caudalie's Beauty Elixir:

Smaller size contains 30ml priced at £11. Larger size contains 100ml priced at £32
5. Make up remover cleansing water

This makeup remover cleansing water smells nice and it is comparable to Bioderma Sensibio H2O - Micelle Solution (formerly Crealine).  Dare I say the Caudalie's one is a little more effective in removing eye make up than the Bioderma one.

I think this is such a fantastic valued set of 5 Caudalie products and a great starter kit, too for anyone who wants to give Caudalie a try.  Go on!  Treat yourself today!!


  1. Great post :) I will defiantly have to try these!

    1. Thx! U should defo give this a try, it feels luxurious!