Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Chantecaille Just Skin Anti-Smog Tinted Moisturiser - does it worth the money?

Chantecaille Just Skin Tinted Moisturiser (50g) costs a whooping £57 is definitely one of the most expensive 'tinted moisturiser' on the market out there.

Does it worth breaking the bank to get this?

I wanted this for ages but bearing it in mind it has a price tag of £57 (second time I mentioned about the price now in less than 50 words), I waited and waited but every time when I went into Space NK, I squeezed some into my hands and fell in love with it.  I researched and watched loads of reviews on Youtube et al and heard only positive comments.

Finally I caved in, few months ago.

I had it colour-matched and I'm a 'nude' according to Chantecaille.  Ever since I got it I didn't find myself using it everyday, rather disappointingly.  I found myself wanting another alternative tinted moisturiser/ bb cream rather than sticking with my Chantecaille purchase.  On an average month, I probably would use this just the ONE time.

The texture is in between of a cream/ watery base, for the most part it is very hydrating however on a recent wear, I still found it a bit drying round my nose areas which is strange considered how moisturising it is for my other parts in the face.  However the very sheer finish is a little too sheer for me.

It does live up to the standard of 'Just Skin' finish - it disappears in my skin after blending it all over the face.  This to me really is the ultimate 'tinted moisturiser' - a moisturiser with colour.  It doesn't provide any coverage at all I don't think, I can even say it made my skin looked a bit tanned, but this might down to the colour match rather than the product itself.  But every time when I wear it I would ask my sister how it looks on my skin, she would praise rather than frown.  So, I guess it's fine and I worry too much.

But, there's just something lacking.  I can't quite put my fingers on it where, what and how.  You definitely don't need to use any tools to apply this on your face - beauty blender or brushes to apply this.  Simply your finger-tips is your best companion to this tinted moisturiser because this really is merely a very expensive coloured moisturiser, you wouldn't even think of using a brush to apply your day/ evening moisturiser, would you?

I'm disappointed with this, it doesn't worth my money, it's simply way TOO expensive.  I want to say I LOVED IT and want to tell the world about it, but I can't and don't want to lie to myself.  Instead of giving it away to someone who may benefit from this, I think because of how much it worths, I would use it up nevertheless and pray that one day it suddenly makes me feeling super excited and be smitten by it.

I have since tried another Chantecaille product - a Coral Reefs Palette which consists of a perfect powder highlighter (so perfect that I am now looking to re-purchase that particular shade), and two other eyeshadow shades and a blush colour.

Are you a fan of Chantecaille?  Have you tried the Just Skin Tinted Moisturiser?  Did you like it?

Chantecaille products are available in the UK from Space NK, Liberty and Harrods.  Whilst you lot out there in Hong Kong, you can find it in Lane Crawford, Joyce Beauty and Harvey Nichols - for a full list, please click here.

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