Monday, 21 October 2013

Disappointing Product #6: Watson's Olive Hair Mask

God help me, I am forever struggling with how dry my hair has been since the very day I discovered the excitement that dying my hair can give me.  

A bit of background to my hair, I started dying my hair at home at the age of 17, 18.  I bleached it, dyed it into all sorts of colour: purple, red, blonde, brown; dark blue; you name it I had it dyed.  As if that hasn't killed my hair enough, a good few years ago I ventured into hair perm which looks amazingly good on me (I think) but as times went by, the conditions of my hair has certainly gone from worse to un resolveable.  

Look how curly my hair used to be!

So I stopped doing anything artificial to it or tried to keep it to a minimum.  I even had it chopped off at least a few inches half a year after my wedding.  I love having shorter hair and felt that it has improved the condition of my hair, especially those horrible split ends.

However, I haven't stopped taking care of my hair.  Now that I have a healthy habit of going to the gym I made the most of the steam room/ sauna facilities that I have access to - slap on some hair treatment mask on my hair before stepping into either of these rooms.

One of the first things I had to get when I moved to Hong Kong which I didn't bring with me all the way from London was hair mask treatment.  I went into Watson's (the equivalent of Boots or Superdrugs for those of you who are in the UK) and thought I would try something of its own brand (perhaps a bit of a mistake!) instead of trying out some Japanese brand products.

So I picked this one by Watson's called Natural's Olive Hair Mask.  I used to use olive oil (yeah you heard me right, olive oil; those that you drizzle over salad!) to nourish my hair, it worked amazingly well and at the same time it saves up loads of money, so when I saw the word Olive I was led to assume that this might be a good product.

I have used up the whole tube, sadly it has done absolutely nothing to my hair.  Seriously, I have wasted money (I can't recall how much I paid for this and couldn't find the information on Watson's website, it wasn't a lot but still), and wasted opportunities to treat my hair well.  Sorry my short hair.

The texture of this hair mask is very creamy and smells of florally fragranced.  It didn't leave my hair greasy but it didn't leave my hair feeling hydrated or moisturised at all either.

I think you can guess what I'm about to say, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.  My first attempt to try something of a drugstore brand in Hong Kong was a bit of a failure!  However, since finished using this hair mask, I purchased something else and it's working rather well so far.  I'll test it out for a bit longer and may feature it on here!

What's your secret to quench the thirst of your hair?