Monday, 7 October 2013

Disappointing Product #4 - Champneys Mineral Detox Body Scrub

Do you exfoliate your body using a body scrub when you shower?  My answer is never!  However, my sister (Forksandbrushes) is a MASSIVE fan of body scrub and she often tells me how great her skin feels after a good exfoliating session in the shower.  So I thought I would follow her footsteps and find out the secret about body scrub.

The Champneys Mineral Detox Body Scrub is the first body scrub product that I reached for so I didn't know what to expect.  However, I'm quite disappointed by it.  First of all, I seem to need  A LOT of these products in one go; which seems to be not very economical.

After I squeezed some of the product out of the tube, it looks like this.......

A clear to slight pale green gel with green scrubs in the mix.  The scent of it isn't particularly appealing to me.  I think it smells like a men's shower product, a bit like an aftershave scent.  The scrub isn't the roughest so I didn't feel that it scratched my skin too badly which is a good thing I suppose.  I would say it's a medium scrub with bits to scrub your skin but not hard enough to scratch your skin if you have sensitive skin.  However the scrub never manages to cling on to my body long enough for the exfoliation to take place.  It is so easily washed down by water from the shower, so consequently I have to keep squeezing out even more products to use.

Although it didn't dry my skin out afterwards, I didn't feel it's done anything to my skin.

I've heard loads of good things about this brand, Champneys but I'm rather disappointed by this particular product.

What's your favourite body scrub?

Disclaimer: The post contains purely a collection of opinions of my own and they are not representative of others.  THe use of these products are entirely my own experiences. This post is for sharing experiences purpose. It is in no way of affecting consumers' choice of purchase.  The views expressed are entirely my own and once again is not representative of others.

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