Saturday, 24 January 2015

Quick Life Update

Hello World! It's been a good few weeks since I wrote anything here. First thing first, sorry about that!

So, where have we been? We packed all of our belongings, more precisely our lives in London all the way to Hong Kong last week. 

Since Mr Holiday is still developing his career in HK so we have no choice but to follow. Hopefully we are more settled down in the next few years before another big move, who knows!

Since we came back, it's been unpacking and trying to get baby Lear's biological clock reset again, namely the horrible baby jetlag! I can report back that with much help from fellow mommy friends, Lear is back on some form of routine, he's started to sleep through the night in the past 2 nights so I'm hoping he's recovering and learnt day and night again! 

Highlight of the week was Mr Holiday and I brought baby Lear to his first playgroup. It's a fantastic one, mainly attended by the expat community in HK, was glad to hear a few familiar accents! 

Meanwhile we are just taking our times to settle down so when we have done so, normal beauty postings will be resumed!

Have a lovely weekend!

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