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Pregnant ladies like myself, especially first time mommy is most likely to be concerned with, aside from the healthy growth of their offsprings; is the appearance stretch marks on their daily growing and stretching bump throughout the pregnancy.  If you've missed my previous episodes on other stretch mark prevention products, you can catch up on here or here.  

This time I wanted to give you a little review on another stretch mark cream by Cussons Mum & Me, that I have tried.  Let me just make things clear first.  As I lather creams on my body at least twice daily, I go through them like there's no tomorrow, so a reasonably priced product is high in the priority list when it comes to a stretch mark product.  For £9.99 you get 125ml of the product which is pretty good and sits at the mid-range price points amongst all other maternity brands.

Luckily, I haven't noticed any new stretch marks developed throughout my pregnancy.  I am not sure whether this is due to the fact that I apply creams from week 13 (start of my 2nd trimester), or I have been lucky enough to escape from it this time round.  However, from previous weight changes, I do have some stretch marks around my belly and my lower back, which have become more visible as my pregnancy goes, and as my belly stretches out.

I have been using this cream for a good month or so (a 25ml sample was included in the Bounty pack for mum-to-be), now I'm happily sailing onto this bigger tub.  For convenience and practical reason, I apply a cream form products in the morning after a shower, and an oil in the evening.  It's just my personal preference but I'd much prefer to use oils all the way, purely because I have quite dry skin.  

First thing first, I quite like the packaging, it's modern, and clean, and I can easily scoop the product out from the packaging which saves a lot of time!  I found that this cream is fairly thick in texture which is quite similar to other creams that I have tried.  However it is absorbed by my skin really quickly so I don't feel greasy at all after application.  I'm normally quite generous with the amount I put on, my bump, my thighs, my breasts, and my lower back areas; and I feel that my skin is almost instantly hydrated and moisturised which is fantastic.  As I have heard from fellow mommy friends that sometimes they feel that they suffer from extra dry skin during pregnancy, so I think in that sense, this cream has ticked the box of providing moisture for the all important bump areas.

When I first applied it on my skin, I feel a slight 'minty' sensation which is rather nice, and refreshing especially I use this in the morning.  The 'minty' sensation isn't irritating either and hasn't caused any irritation to my skin which I'm thankful for, as I have sensitive skin all round (face and body).  Similar to the Stretch Mark Fader Serum I've tried, it shares a familiar scent - citrusy; I wondered if it's due to Tamanu oil, one of the key ingredients in this product.  It's not an overpowering scent which is great as I can be quite put off my the whole citrusy scented product.... but that's just me!

The only downside with this product is that the cream is not suitable to be used on breasts when breastfeeding.  As I'm already 37 weeks pregnant, I am not sure if I'm going to be able to use up the whole tub before the baby arrives, hence I won't be able to use it anymore as I'm planning to breastfeed.  I mean, I suppose I could still continue using it postpartum however I can't imagine myself having the time to 'avoid' my breasts area when applying this cream.  

I would recommend this product to you all pregnant ladies out there if you want to give this brand a try.  It's got my seal of approval on:

  • price vs amount of product - a 125ml tub of cream can probably last you for a good 10 - 12 weeks 
  • effectiveness - non-greasy and absorbed quickly by the skin
  • skin-loving - no allergic reaction and is clinically proven and dermatologist approved
  • accessible - available in most stores
What other stretch mark products have you tried?  Is this one you would go for?

Cussons Mum & Me Products are available in major supermarkets, Boots and Mothercare for £9.99 (125ml).

**PR Sample

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