Wednesday, 3 September 2014


I realised that it's been a while since I wrote anything pregnancy related, here's another one!  If you were curious about what I wrote previously, you can click here and here for a catch up.

A quick update, I am currently 35 weeks pregnant and have been applying oils/ creams targeting the prevention from stretch marks development since week 13.  I don't notice any 'new' stretch marks developed in the areas of bump and thighs.  However I do notice that my existing stretch marks have become a little bit more obvious but they aren't bad at all as I've lived with them for so many years, from all the weight loss and weight gain I've had in the past.  I have tried a few so far, and recently I have finished using up another one which I really wanted to share with you all pregnant ladies (or planning to fall pregnant ladies) out there.

Cussons Mum & Me is a fairly new brand to me, they are not as well known as Johnson's baby shall we say; well at least to me.  I've always been interested in trying something from their range these days whenever I'm in Boots.  So, when I saw that this New Mum Stretch Mark Fader was on offer a few weeks ago, I thought this was the time to give this brand a go.

This stretch mark fader comes in a slim and long tube shape, the packaging is sleek compared to other similar products which often comes in quite bulky, heavy and often in big tub or glass container.  Packaging aside, the texture of this stretch mark fader is also quite unique comparing to other products.  It comes in a thick serum, it's not sticky and rather it's absorbed by the skin rather quickly.  The application is also somewhat neater, as it's a roller application; you only need to squeeze the tube then roll it onto the affected area; then gently massage it with your hands.

The only downside is that it only took me a week or so to finish the whole tube (70ml)!  I used it twice a day all over my bump, back and thighs areas.  This product isn't designed to use all over the body but on affected/ targeted area.  It's more like a serum than a stretch mark oil.  If you are thinking of using a stretch mark oil for all over the body, this isn't one for you but if you have a small area of stretch marks that you want to take control of it; I would recommend you giving this a try.

What other stretch mark oils or creams have you tried?  Have you tried this one by Cussons?

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