Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Have you heard of this new kid in town?  Revolution Makeup London I am talking about.

I saw its stand few weeks ago when I had my routine visit in my local Superdrug (508-520 Oxford Street, W1C 1NB).  I was rather attracted by the range of products, the design of the packaging, as well as the price tags!  I was particularly mesmerised by the blusher palettes and it's kept floating and reappearing in my mind.  Then I saw a couple of Youtubers talked about it, so I made it a mission last week to pay a purposeful visit to track down Revolution Makeup.

It's got a full range of makeup from foundations, to brow kit, eyeshadows and lipsticks, etc.  The prices of all products are unbelievably reasonable to say the least.  However both the quality and packaging have not been compromised, 2 more brownie points from me!

I picked up a couple of things:

Ultra Blush Palettes in Hot Spice:  This palette contains 8 shades of cheek colours, contours and highlight will only cost you £6!  There are two ranges of shade for the palette, and I chose this one which has more of a peachy shade theme running through it which I thought would complement with my fair skin tone.  The other blush palette is called Sugar and Spice  which has a range of vibrantly pink colour, which I think would suit girls with darker complexions.

My eyes were then drawn to the numerous eyeshadow palettes on offer, 20 to be precise. I picked up the Ultra 32 Shades Eyeshadow Palette in FLAWLESS.  It consists of 32 colours in this palette and will only cost you £8!  Can you believe it again?  The colour range is amazing which contains some neutral shades, to some darker and more dramatic shades for rocking those smokey eyes!  It has 9 matte shades, and the rest has slight shimmer runs through it.

I have tried both palettes a few times in the past week, and OMG; I loved them so much!  The eyeshadows are so easy to blend and pigmented, and I can create so many looks out of it.  The blush colours work so well, too.  They are pigmented but it doesn't stain on one part of my face and it stays put so well.  I think I can safely regard it as a hybrid between Nars and Sleek!

Have you tried anything from Revolution before?  I think I'll definitely go back to pick up a few more things to try.

You can pick up Revolution Makeup in large Superdrug, or online at Revolution Website.


  1. This is the first time that I have ever heard of this brand and after checking out the website, I am most intrigued by all the eyeshadow palettes. There is this chocolate-shaped palette that looks really versatile. I'm glad that you are enjoying the two palettes that you purchased!

    I wish I was still living in the UK so I could go and test these out myself.

    1. I also bought the chocolate-shaped palette after trying both of these palettes. They are all so good! I keep using it everyday now. It's so so easy to blend and pigmented, too! You should definitely give these a try if you get a chance!