Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Me and Mascaras go back a long way - I have tried so many in the past years and I am only happy with a handful: this hand, that hand, and my hand.  As my lashes are neither full or long, or curl; it's so difficult to find my Mr Right in the mascara department.

Last month, I was itching to try some new mascaras so I picked up three in one go.  It's about time I should report back how they'd go; although without having read up to this sentence, from the title of this blogpost, the answer has been given away....

The three mascaras in questions were:

Rimmel Wonderfull Mascara: I have liked a Rimmel mascara in the past, instead of repurchasing what worked; I ventured out into something new.  And this copper colour tube mascara is one of the latest to Rimmel's mascara collection.  I was interested in the 'Argan Oil' ingredient and thinking of whilst putting on makeup, I'm adding skincare benefits to my lashes - what a great idea.  This mascara is a plastic bristle wand which is flexible (bandy, shall we say?).  I found that this mascara has rather a 'weak formula' for someone whose lashes needs lots of drama even under the guidance of building and building it up with lots and lots of coats.  I found that the mascara is difficult go grip to my lashes, hence giving them volume.  The good thing though is that it doesn't budge.

Revlon PhotoReady 3D Volume:  As it says on the packaging this mascara is supposed to give '3D volume'.... I don't agree with it entirely but that's what it's drawn to me to give it a whirl at the first place.  Yet again the brush is a plastic bristle, but it's a lot firmer than its Rimmel counterpart.  I need at least 4-5 coats on each side of lashes to build up what I call 'volume', I can't say the result is 3D nor dramatic either so I'm a little bit disappointed by it.  Although it's not one that I would chuck away immediately, it definitely needed a patient lady to work on it.  I mean, needing 4-5 coats to build up some volume is quite a bit of effort, especially if you don't have much time to spend on applying make up.  However, despite the effort, the mascara doesn't go clumpy so I guess if you do have the time in the world, it would work for you.

Seventeen Doll'd up Mascara: I'm a complete newbie to any mascaras by Seventeen.  It's a brand I often overlook.  When I saw that this Doll'd up mascara has a moon creasent shaped plasticky wand, it totally reminded me of one of my favourite mascaras by Max Factor.  I was expecting curl, volume and lengths, just as how MF's mascara pleased me.  However, this turns out to do nothing to me, no matter how hard (how many coats) I tried to work with it.  Even when I have prepped my lashes well beforehand - curl it using an eyelash curler, applying a lash base coat; it just doesn't work.    I'm most disappointed with this mascara out of the other two that I've bought.  However, I would still want to try other mascaras by Seventeen as I've heard good reviews about other of their mascaras.

Have you tried any of the above mascaras before?  What's your staple mascara and what do you look for in a mascara?

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