Thursday, 9 May 2013

Statement Necklaces

These days I'm pretty much into statement necklaces, perhaps it's the weather (but today seems to be cooler though!) and my neck is on show a lot more!

I used to be an earring mania big time, I still am and still like wearing a pair of lovely earrings (usually studds now) every time when I go out.  At the same time my focus has shifted onto these statement necklaces I have in my collection.

I found my fashion style is changing gradually.  I'm never satisfied with just a plain white tee and a pair of jeans.  I always want to add something fancy in my total outfit, be it a handbag, a pair of sunglasses or a floral pattern top.  Some thing has to stand out in my outfit.

Therefore wearing a statement necklace seems to be able to satisfy my forever changing appetite, which has also made me wanting to wear plain colour top more than ever before; for the sake of wearing necklaces!

Left: bought from Forever 21 £6.49
Right: bought from Accessorize £10
These two necklaces I bought from Forever 21 and Accessorize, and they are the newest in my collection.  It's like love at first sight, I like their vintage style, and very unique in their own right.  A plain colour top would be made special because of these two pieces.  I believe they are still available in shops.

This peter pan collar necklace was purchased on my trip to Hong Kong few months ago.  I haven't wore this for many times yet but it is such a pretty looking necklace that I thought it would always be on trend and add some sparkle to a boring outfit - ideal for an evening night out, perhaps?

This off-white plus bronzy-gold two parts design necklace was probably my first statement necklace I bought from M&S a few years ago.  It was about £15.  I thought at the time it was rather expensive but since then I have worn it to death.  I mainly wore it in the summer on a plain white top which makes the whole outfit pop!

This is probably one of my favourites of all.  I had my eyes on these when it was first released in Zara but the original price was something like £29.99.  Even though it's such a pretty looking necklace, I couldn't justify myself by spending £30 on a necklace (not sure why I was being so sensible).  Therefore I waited and waited until the Winter Sale a few months ago and I snapped it up immediately as I saw it reduced down to £9.99!  I have since worn it for so many times!

This feather necklace was also a purchase from Hong Kong.  It could be used as a brooch as it's got a clip at the back of the panel.  I have enjoyed wearing it every time as it always makes my outfit looks really classy and elegant.  It goes especially well with a LBD!

This was one of my most satisfactory purchase in my trip to Seoul.  Seoul is a place full of small boutiques apart from the usual chained stores that you can find.  I've started to really like pearl and this just fits the bill - full of pearls design and the beige/ natural tone of colour just makes it so versatile and goes with anything.  It makes a casual outfit pop and adds elegancy to an evening outfit.

From H&M
From Primark
 These two are my only red necklaces.  I have never opted for red for my jewelleries.  I like red but I think it is not the easiest colour to wear.  I first bought the necklace from Primark last year, I believe it is not available in store anymore (sorry!).  Primark is one of my favourite shops, I often find 'gold' there! My favourite Primark is the one in Marble Arch, I know my way round there and I can normally find what I want and discover exciting stuff there.  I have worn this necklace for sooooo many times as it goes with so many of my outfits surprisingly.  So for a change I wanted to buy an alternative so when I saw this one from H&M, I had to get it.  It was like £7.99 or thereabouts.  It's a lovely piece but slightly heavier in weight than the one from Primark.  It's weird, I prefer the one from Primark even though it's probably one of the cheapest priced necklaces that I have.

Here's a quick look at how I wore some of my statement necklaces.....
I hope you are all inspired!  Are you also a fan of statement necklaces?

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