Thursday, 16 May 2013

Disappointing product #3 - No.7 Protect & Perfect Lip Care

No 7 Protect & Perfect Lip Care available from Boots £9.95
I can't quite work out how to use this lip product (sorry if I sound a bit rude to start with).  Let's just cut straight into what I want to say, as titled, I am really disappointed about this product.

I was looking for a good lip treatment type of product last month as I have now said it for a few times, my lips are the driest part of organ in my body.

I had one of those No.7 £5 voucher from Boots so I thought I would make the most of it by trying out one of No.7 skincare products.  There I was, spotted this dainty little thing (10ml).  

The packaging is what you would expect from No.7, subtle and sophisticated, simple and clean.  I had read no reviews about this lip product so I thought, hooray I'm going to try a new product with no preconception, and hopefully will be pleased about it and an go on promoting to all my friends about this.

Sad face..... really it wasn't what I thought it would be.  

What is squeezed out from this little tube is this creamy, water-based white lotion textured lip product....

So it looks normal, but when I applied it on my lips.... it felt really weird.  It instantly forms a visible 'white shield' over my lips and made my lips look rather slimey.   It feels rather water-based so it doesn't feel like as if you applied a lip balm which 'moisturises' your lips by giving you the 'grease'.  I was a bit freaked out.  I continued using it for about 2 weeks because I thought as long as I only use it at night as a treatment then it is OK.  There is no way you would apply this underneath as a moisturising tool before applying coloured lipsticks during the day because it is just going to ruin your whole look......  On the website it says it is a great base for your favourite lipsticks..... I say, don't do it to your lips.....

After 2 weeks, I stopped using it completely.  It didn't feel as if it's improved my lip condition although it didn't worsen it.  It's just the texture and how it appeared on my lips after application.

I'm a bit sad about saying farewell to this product but at the same time I'm starting to doubt about No.7 products.  I've used a few of the products from this line and have liked them but at the same time there were products I've used which shocked me in a negative way.

What about you?  Have you used this product before or other No.7 products?  What was your experience like?

Disclaimer: The post contains purely a collection of opinions of my own and they are not representative of others.  The use of these products are entirely my own experiences.  This post is for sharing experiences purpose.It is in no way of affecting consumers' choice of purchase.  The views expressed are entirely my own and once again is not representative of others.

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