Wednesday, 8 May 2013

New In: Maybelline Colour Show Polka Dots Nail Polish Limited Edition

Maybelline Colour Show Polka Dots Nail Polish
The speckled/ Confetti nail polish has become a trend for quite a while.  First came the release from L'Oreal and Illamasqua .  I first saw these in Seoul when I was travelling earlier this year and found them fascinating and such effective nail art polish.  They are either applied as a top coat or like these new release by Maybelline, the speckles are mixed with the nail polish with a different colour as a base.

These are called Polka Dots, and came in 4 shades.  I picked up this one, #201 Speckled Pink.  The other two colours are nice but pink one suits me more so I was drawn to this instaneously.

You know how much I love Maybelline Colour Show nail polish formula and I have raved about it a couple of times on my blog so if you don't know about it yet you can click here and here to see how much I love about these.

I have had numerous compliments on my nails already having just worn them once!  The formula of these polishes is yet again wonderful, easy to apply and leaving no streak on my nails when applying them.  You can put just one coat which will give you loads of speckles already and giving it a sheer finish.  I prefer my nail polish looking a bit more 'substantial' so I wear a good two coats.  They are a bit of a nightmare to take off though but it's kind of expected.  However for the effect, the price (only £2.99, come on!) you simply cannot complaint too much!

I thought I would also sneak in another nail polish I bought from my drugstore haul as well.

465 Brick Shimmer
I also saw this beautiful rose gold like colour, its technical name is Brick Shimmer.  It's such an easy colour to wear, you slap these on and you are good to go!  It gives a metallic rose gold finish - so nice!

What colours are you rocking on your nails these days?  If you want something else apart from the lovely pastelly spring colours - perhaps these are good alternatives?

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