Monday, 20 May 2013

Review: Beauty Blender

I know I'm extremely fashionably late to talk about the Beauty Blender but better late than never.

Wow I'm completely blown away by it!

The reason why I haven't tried this until now is because it is soooooo expensive to get one in my opinion.  Also I was never drawn to it, this egg shape shocking pink spongy thing never appealed to me in the past.

Until this month my sister received her May Birchbox and it came with a Beauty Blender (she received her first one as a free gift when subscribed to Birchbox from April), so I became the beneficiary!

I've heard from others that the Beauty Blender works better with a thicker textured foundation, since I have started trying out the Nearly Naked Foundation by Revlon (My shade is 130 Shell Coquillage) I thought this would be a perfect combo.  And I wasn't wrong!

To use a Beauty Blender to apply foundation, you have to first of all rinse it under water so that the Beauty Blender is fully absorbed with water like a sponge.  The amazing thing is that it enlarges in size about 2 times!  See the difference.........!

Then you squeeze out most of the excess water until the Beauty Blender feels just dampened to touch.  Some people like to use towel to help to dry up the Beauty Blender a bit, it's not necessary but entirely up to you!  Make sure your towel is clean though.

Onto the application process......

What I did was to dab my Nearly Naked Foundation all over my face, then use the Beauty Blender to gently work it onto my skin.  I didn't know how to blend beforehand but once the Beauty Blender touched my face, it all became natural.  You just keep blending it until your face is applied with foundation.  I have to say the result is astonishingly amazing - a smooth and flawless finish.

I felt that my foundation sat much better on my skin compared to using fingertips or a foundation brush.  However I do agree that it works better with thicker foundation otherwise you would end up with the Beauty Blender soaking up all your product.

It feels extremely easy to use.  With the help of the Beauty Blender, I was able to work my foundation onto the skin much better to create a flawless base.  The shape of the Beauty Blender is also perfect, you can use the fatter part to blend the product around the forehead and cheeks areas, the tip of the Beauty Blender fits very nicely around the under eye areas.  Also I don't know whether it is the foundation or the Beauty Blender, my foundation seems to stay put a lot better than I would when applying it with my fingers.

I'm so glad I finally own one!

You should give it a try if you can, I totally recommend it!!

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