Saturday, 29 June 2013

June Empties

I love the feeling of getting new beauty products, but at the same time I also have a sense of 'mission accomplished' when I finish one, too.

This month, I finished using up a few more products and want to share with you my thoughts on these.

Skincare wise, I used up 3 skincare essentials.  My skin is still quite dehydrated at the moment (I blame it on the messy breakout that I had last month and it is still at recovery state), so the La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water  seem to tick all the boxes for me as an additional step to my skincare routine to inject those much needed hydration back to my face.  I used this for both my morning and evening routines, before and after I cleanse and tone my face.  If you ask me whether this has made my skin feels more hydrated, the honest answer is I am not entirely sure but I can definitely feel that my skin (especially around the cheek areas) feels plumper.  However, whether or not it is entirely down to this spray or other products, it is unknown.

Nuxe was a brand I wanted to try so when I ran out of a toner a couple of months ago, I decided to put this Gentle Toning Lotion to the test.  I specifically wanted one which was suitable for my dry and sensitive skin so this seemed to be a good prescription for me.  After I use this, I felt that it tightened up my pores without tightening up my facial skin and left it feeling dry.  It is definitely a very gentle toning lotion.  I recommend this to people who have dry and sensitive skin like me.  Whether I would repurchase is a different story though.  At the moment, I am 'toner-less' and am searching for another one.

I had the Clarins Multi-Active Night Youth Recovery Comfort Cream as free gifts when I purchased the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Protector which you can read the review here.  This 30ml youth recovery cream has lasted me for nearly a month which is pretty awesome.  I have been teaming this up with my Clarins Double Serum which I have just stopped using it as I am mildly suspecting that it may be giving me blemishes (since stopping the use of glycolytic containing products, I still have the odd blemishes creeping up).  I found that wearing this youth recovery cream on its own is hydrating enough.  I would recommend this to anyone who wants an anti-ageing product but want a all-in-one night cream which is hydrating at the same time, this might be for you to consider?

Next up is hand cream - I go through tubes after tubes of handcream like no others!  Here's the two hand cream I finished this month.

I had this Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream  from the Caudalie beauty set that I bought a while back which I have done a review here.  I love the Beauty Elixir by Caudalie which I have purchased and repurchased over and over again.  I had high expectation of this hand and nail cream.  I'd say I liked it but I didn't love it.  This hand and nail cream has a pleasant citrus scent to it which might appeal to other people but I am not the biggest fan.  It is a very light weight hand cream which actually wasn't intense enough for my very dry hands.  I am not disappointed with the product, but I don't think I would repurchase.

The Space NK own brand florabelle hand cream (couldn't find it on Space NK website anymore) has taken my by complete surprise.  It was highly addictive.  The consistency of the cream was just right to moisturise my hands - not too greasy and not too light, and absorbed quickly by my hands.  I love the floral scent,  it isn't an intensely sweet floral scent.  It smells a little bit like baby powder which for some strange reason I love!  I got this in the clearance sale so it only cost me £2.50 as opposed to £10.  I wouldn't pay £10 for it though despite how much I love it.  Perhaps until next time it's become available and on sale, I wouldn't repurchase.

Finishing up a makeup product is definitely a rare scene for me, and I managed to use up two of them!

I bought the Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Fatal Blacks mascara back in December when I was in Hong Kong.  I've been constantly using this during its first 3 months but got distracted by other new additions.  I have finally used it up - overall impression?  Hm.... there are better ones by drugstore brands which out-perform this one.  Repurchase?  No I don't think so.

Bourjois Touche Healthy Mix brush concealer was a great product - the brush on formula made applying concealer under the eye areas like a dream.  Its consistency is light and creamy and doesn't cake up on my skin as my day goes by.  It gives a light coverage, I wouldn't say it can be built up to a medium coverage though.  This is definitely a false-proof concealer for under the eye areas!  Repurchase?  Oh yes I would!

Are you like me who feel a real sense of achievement when finishing a product?  What have you finished using this month?

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