Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Selfridges Sales Haul

I am particularly excited about the Selfridges sales this year, perhaps since I started blogging; I found shopping even more irresistible.  This time, I managed to buy a few luxurious items that I wouldn't buy normally but have been eyeing on them for absolutely ages.  I am so pleased I've managed to get them in the sale fashionable quick!

I love the promotional slogans that Selfridges uses during the sales period, 'It's almost free!' (well it isn't but for some people, it might be!), and 'I didn't find it, it found me' (this seems more applicable to me however!).

I came away with a mere 2 shopping bags after spending 2 days (not literally!) shopping in the Selfridges sales.

Here's what I bought:

The first exciting thing was these Laura Mercier's Signature Votive Candle Collection (Was £42, Now£21).  When I checked the Selfridges website just now, these are out of stock already.  However you can still pick these up at House of Fraser at the same price.

I've heard so much about Laura Mercier's candles, but I really cannot justify myself for buying candles which cost more than £5 - technically you are burning money.  However, I have to say, lighting a luxurious candle and smelling the scents from it can be such a therapeutic act when you are stressed. When I found out that this candle collection has been reduced by 50% off, I thought this couldn't be a better time to give these a try.

This candle collection comes in 4 scents: tarte au citron, fresh fig, creme brulee and warm roasted chestnuts.  I love the chocolate brown packaging of the box, and the candle holders feel very luxury, too.  As I opened the box, the strong scents of all the candles flushed right out and all I could smell are the lovely scents.  As I am writing this blog, I have lit the warm roasted chestnut candle; a scent which I am probably least familiar with by Laura Mercier; but it is so soothing and was definitely a good buy!  After I put it out and walked into my bathroom the next morning, it was still fulfilled with the lovely scent of warm roasted chestnuts.

Next up in the line is my YSL Creme de Blush in #7 (Was £29, Now £19).  YSL is a brand which I am paying more attention to recently.  Mostly because I'm drawn to its sophisticated packaging but their products are good!

This cream blush is a lovely rose pink colour, it is very creamy to touch and dry like a powder.  I haven't worn it properly yet but I already really like it so much!  The ice-cube like packaging gives a refreshing feel to it, it is also very compact and small, great as a travel blush!

The third purchase was...... I have to say I am a very fortunate person during this Selfridges sales.  Reason being, I saw this Longchamp Le Pilage small handbag in indigo (was £48, now £25).  The story goes like this I saw this handbag amongst the other discounted handbags, there were at least 10 of these amongst the lot.  I hesitated, my heart told me to get it straight away but my head told me to think twice.  I've always wanted a Longchamp handbag because of its causal function but classic feel to it.  I put it down and went away to have a coffee nearby, whilst doing so I talked to my sister about it and decided it would be stupid not to get it.  As soon as I finished my coffee, I rushed back to Selfridges and found out there was only 1 left on the lot!!!! I quickly grabbed it and paid for it.  I was 'this' close to losing this.

I've been using this since and it is just the right size for a casual day out - shopping, running errands, going out for breakfast, lunch and a causal dinner.  I love the colour, too!

Finally, I bought a pair of shoes which is completely unplanned..... That's what happens when you walk around shops without any intention to buy anything or more things - you always end up getting more than you need, or in this case, something I've been looking for but didn't have any luck.

Come and meet Amica by Kurt Geiger (Was £95, Now £49)

I have an absolutely love-hate relationship with high heel shoes, be it low or high.  I just don't get along with them because I have flat feet...... I wear flats most of the times.  Therefore my hunt for a perfect pair of beige colour heels has been very tricky, they are either too high a heel or the material is too hard, or the front of the shoes are too narrow and pointy that would hurt my feet so much.  When I tried these on, it felt really comfortable, it really did.  I felt that the height of the heels were just right, the leather was soft.  The tone of the beige colour match with the skin of my feet perfectly and made my legs a little longer than they are.  All in all, Kurt Geiger has ticked all the boxes for me for a perfect pair of beige coloured heels.  I'm so pleased I found these (or they found me)!  I hope they are not a nightmare to wear.  I couldn't find these on the Selfridges website anymore, they might still be in the shop floor but I found them on Kurt Geiger website.

I feel that I have been a wise shopper this time and have got some great deals from the sales.  I would have had to pay £210 for all these on a non-sale period, but now I have only paid £114, making it a total saving of £96!

Selfridges sales, I LOVE YOU!!

The sales is still going strong almost everywhere.  What have you picked up?


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