Saturday, 15 June 2013

Back to basics #1: The natural makeup look


  • You only have 5 mins to do your make up, or
  • It's a saturday/ sunday afternoon you just want to pop out for a walk or go to the shop, or
  • You simply feel lazy but still want to look 'awake'......
The bottom line is, you still want to look good but you don't want to spend a ton of times to get ready, here's an idea on how to create this natural make up look.  (I tried and I think it worked fairly well on me, but feel free to disagree!)

Here's what you need (not everything as I'm showing a few alternative products).  It is only a suggestion of the minimal makeup essentials:

I found, if I am only allowed to have less than 10 makeup products to create the most basic look, these are what I will need to make my features stand out 
  • a good base
  • a bright looking pair of eyes
  • some colours on the cheeks and lips
*products used to create this look

A good base
  • *Kiko Instant Perfection Smoothening & Destressing Fluid
    • A primer to prepare your skin
    • To even out skin tone
    • To brighten up perhaps a dull looking complexion
    • This one is economical enough to use daily or as a SOS product
  • *Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation
    • A light foundation which provides SPF is essential for a natural look
    • You only need a tiniest amount, remember, a little goes a long long way; less is more
  • *Bourjois Healthy Mix Touche Brush Concealer
    • To cover up any imperfection - under eye areas or blemishes.
    • You don't need a huge amount, just stab on a little bit is cool

Add some warmth to you cheeks

You don't need to apply both blushes but choose a blusher which gives a warm and subtle finish is more than enough to create a natural healthy look. 
  • *Bourjois Cream Blush #2 Healthy Glow
    • A coral shade is bang on trend
    • This cream blush is so subtle and creamy in texture.  You can lightly dab it on the apple of your cheeks or build it up to intensify the colour
    • It gives a dewy, glowing finish
  • Bourjois Je T'Aime #34 Golden Rose
    • A powder blush that is so light 
    • It's got a subtle hint of golden shimmer which gives a satin finish

The Awakening Eyes step 1
  • Eyelash curler - Shu Uemura x Karl Lagerfield Eyelash Curler/ *Random Japanese brand eyelash curler
    • A little clip and a gentle squeeze of your lashes instantly opens up those tired eyes
    • A trick especially useful for girls with short eyelashes (like me!)

The Awakening Eyes Step 2
  • Rimmel Accelerator Endless Lash Mascara
    • A lengthening mascara for those who needs a bit of length to their lashes
    • This is a great one by Rimmel
  • Physicians' Formula Organic Wear Mascara
    • A great brand from USA
    • It volumises your lashes without adding harmful ingredients to your lashes
  • *Max Factor Clump Defy Water Resistant Mascara 
    • My first time using this
    • A real effective mascara to add volume
    • It's the equivalent of the brand Cover Girl

The Lips

Possible the most sought-after makeup product in any women's makeup/ hand-bag.  A moisturising and natural colour lipstick can brighten your whole face up so effectively.  I chose this Chanel Rouge Coco Shine number in #46 Liberte, a coral shade which matches with my cream blusher to harmonise the total look.

I do love this look - it's natural but at the same time it gives me the glow that I need.  What I also realise is that my skin condition has to be better than average in order to rock this look.  Makeup is only a helping tool, a good skincare routine is far more important.  

Remember, sometimes Less is More, little definitely goes a long long way.

Hope you've enjoyed this!

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