Thursday, 13 June 2013

Exciting new bits - market and makeup

If you are already thinking about what to do on this Saturday but not quite settled for what and where, perhaps this post will give you some ideas?

There were two exciting discoveries last month - Guerlain makeup and the Cabbages and Frocks Market in Marylebone.

Let's talk about the Cabbages and Frocks Market in Marylebone first, which specialises in food and garments. I have always known about this market and have walked pass and visited many a times in the past 10 years.  It is a small but 'you can find loads' type of market, and you can often find gems in here. It is situated at the top end of Marylebone High Street which is my favourite high street in the whole of London, full of expensive shops and famous cafes - if you haven't been I would strongly recommend you to take a visit there.

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On one random Saturday, my sister and I walked into the market on the way home, and happened to stop by at a stall (I must find out the name but it is at the end of a circular arrangement of all stalls inside the market) which sells all the designer brands' handbags, accessories and shoes.  We thought, let's just have a look round and we discovered at the back of this small stall, there lies quite a lot of high end make up stuff. The stall owner told us these products have just been used once in photo shoots.  When we went through the collection, every single product looks 'brand new', no sign of finger prints or have been used.  There also lies some 'unreleased' makeup collections!  All these makeup cost at least 50% off the original price - my sister and I were there for nearly an hour, going through every single item and discussing which one to get.

Then I stumbled across Guerlain's make up, I've never taken real notice to this brand because I think it is targeted at more mature women (sorry no offence to anyone).  However I was all of a sudden really attracted to and interested in giving this brand a go.  As a result, I picked up three items.....

There is no doubt about the packaging of all these three products - simple but elegant.  What's more exciting is the 50% off price tag and these products are new in the market, too!  Bargain alert, bargain alert!

This lovely La Base Protective base coat will cost you £18 in Guerlain's counter but I paid £10 (if I remember correctly).  I have been using this for over 3 weeks and it is working really well as a basecoat, as in I think it has improved the condition of my nails and provides a good grip for nail paint to stay put.  Love it!

As if I don't have enough lip products already, I am adding another one to my collection!  This Maxi Shine Lip Gloss will set you back at £22 in major department stores but I paid £10 (thanks for the stall lady for giving me a further discount!).  The colour is #463 La Petite Robe Noire.

It is an extremely easy-to-wear colour.  It is very glossy and moisturising.  The colour comes out as a pale pink.  When light hits on the lips, the colour reflected back provides a dimensional gloss which made the lips look really plumped up.  The colour doesn't stay long though but for me it isn't so much as a problem as I don't mind having to reapply my lip gloss, and it is super pretty to take this elegant looking lip gloss out from my handbag as I do touch up on my lips!

I'm never a big fan of eye shadow palette or makeup palette as I think they take up a lot of space so I don't own that many.  However when I saw this Guerlain by Emilio Pucci Ecrin 4 Couleurs (in #13 Capri), my heart stopped and couldn't let it go.  The packaging is a dark copper case that comes with a black velvet pocket - extreme elegancy.  I did struggle thinking about if I would be able to use all four colours.  I have had no problems using the white as a highlighter on the eyes or brow bones, and the black/ darkest greyish brown for a more dramatic smokey eyes.  I don't wear warm colours such as this coral and pink on my eyes but I have been using these as a blush and have worked really well on the cheeks.  This will no doubt become one of my travel makeup set (for eyes and cheeks then you are good to go!)

You can see that the colours are highly pigmented but the only downside is that it is leaning towards the 'powdery' and 'chalky' side, especially for the pink and coral shades.  The white and the black seem to be less powdery.  The relatively large mirror inside this palette is also a big plus!  This palette will set you back for £41.38 at normal price but I paid £20, yes you read it right!  I'm so pleased I own this now !  Does anyone know much about this eye palette?  I couldn't find this anywhere in stores or online but only found this available on either amazon or on the Saks Fifth Avenue website.  It shouts 'limited edition' to me though so I might have dug gold?

How about visiting the Cabbages and Frocks Marylebone market this Saturday to see what's out there?
Visit for further information.
It opens every Saturday from 11am to 5pm at St Marylebone Parish Church Grounds, Marylebone High Street, W1.

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