Friday, 21 June 2013

Waterworks or no waterworks - hydraluron

You would know by now I have dry and sensitive skin.  I suffer from dry patches, mainly round my nose; rather badly.  Any products that claim to bring all the moisture back that I need on my face, I'm happy to give it a try.

The hype of hydraluron by Indeed Lab, that has been created by Caroline Hirons (Skincare goddess/ expert) on Youtube, an interview by Pixiwoo - you can click here to learn all about the nitty gritty.

 So, what's so special about this small, white and contemporary designed tube of product?

For £24.99, you can have 30ml product inside.  I have only seen it available at Boots so it isn't the most accessible product. This product is produced by a Canadian company called Indeed Labs.  They haven't manufactured a ton of products but a few key items that target dehydrated skin, wrinkly and saggy skin, etc.

hydraluron works as a serum, apply this all over the face before applying your daily moisturiser, I normally use this in the morning.  It contains sodium hyaluronate which works to increase skin hydration from below the surface with an ultra-high-quality hyaluronic acid that holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water.  Sounds wickedly amazing?  If to use this continuously, you can reduce the amount of moisturiser used as this product will have helped to inject the moisture that your skin desperately need.  Sounds like a dream product?

When I learnt that this product can do such wonderful thing to my skin, even though for £24.99 which I felt was a little pricey for me, I thought twice and bought it and have been using this for over a month and have nearly finished it.

First of all, I like the look of the product, it's in a clear gel form which doesn't look anything that would irritate my skin.  It doesn't have any scent to it either, so all sounds good so far.  When I applied it on my face, it feels refreshing, just like applying a water-gel onto my skin.  It then turns somewhat 'sticky' after about 15 seconds I put this on my face.

I guess that's because the stickiness then helps the moisturiser to cling onto the skin so that my skin can drink up as much moisture as possible that I'm injecting onto?  I'm not sure as I haven't actually used any 'hyaluronic acid' containing product in its most purified form.

Now that I have almost finished using this product, I didn't notice a huge difference on my skin.  I still suffer from dry patches round my nose area.  Perhaps I have to continue using for another tube or 2 of this hydraluron to achieve the results that Caroline said it would?

I'm not quite sure if hydraluron worths all the hype that has been received recently in the beauty world? Since the discovery of hyaluronate/ hyaluronic acid, I noticed there are plenty of products out there that contain this ingredients, in varied amounts.  I won't necessarily repurchase this hydraluron by Indeed Lab, just because it didn't wow me like I was hoping that it would.  However, I would certainly keep an eye on products which claim they contain hyaluronate/ hyaluronic acid just to keep my skin hydrated all times.  I guess, every little helps?!

So, have you surrendered in to trying hydraluron?  What did you think of it?  Or you've tried other similar products like this one and have had better results?  Do let me know!

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