Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Sacred Truth - an amazing mask

Meet Lush's The Sacred Truth fresh facemask.

For those of you who have visited a Lush store you would know how crazy it can get in the store.  It is usually full of people (both customers and high-energy, extremely friendly and knowledgeable beauty assistant).  Recently my sister and I visited their store in Westfield on a quiet afternoon so we took our time to look at each and every product.

Lush's facemasks is one of those products that is always on the 'to try' list.  This is because they are 'quick and dirty'.  They are fresh, their shelf lives usually last for a maximum of 3 weeks and you'd also need to keep it in the fridge.  That's what I love about them, it forces you to work hard to keep your appearance nice, as well as it forces you to use up products in less than a month's time.

One day, my sister bought another fresh mask but I had my eyes on the Sacred Truth as it is for anti-ageing.  The beauty assistant kindly gave me a free sample to try, in this little pot.

This little pot is little but the content was enough for 2-3 masks.  The customer service tactic has worked - I'm definitely going to go back to buy a normal sized tub to continue using it.

So, what's in the Sacred Truth?  Well, I'm not going to name every single ingredient here as it will take up all the space in this post.  Basically it contains over 20 natural ingredients.  The featured ingredient is Papaya and it is this good stuff which has the anti-agening property.  When it gets to your skin, it helps to eat away the dead skin on the surface!

As this freshmask is stored in the fridge, so when I first slapped these on my face, it felt extremely cool to my skin which gave such a refreshing sensation instantly.  This mask looks green so for about 10-15mins you look a bit dodgy.  The texture of this mask is smooth, there is no bits in it.  It's great for dry/ sensitive skin.  When it is dried, it goes slightly hardened but it is so easily rinsed with water.

The result?  Amazing!  You can see the difference yourself in these two pictures below:

There is an instant glow added to the face.  It felt extremely refreshing afterwards, at the same time it didn't dry my skin out completely.  The effect has lasted until the next morning.

I strongly recommend this mask to you if you have dry/ sensitive skin like me, and if you are also looking out for anti-ageing product - this one is definitely a winner!

Will you want to give it a try?

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