Monday, 24 June 2013

Kate Spade earrings - it's all about class and elegance

I love browsing in a Kate Spade shop but I hardly walk away from the shop with any purchases because it is simply too expensive for me.  There is one thing in which I have been keeping an eye on for absolutely ages - earrings.  Why?  It's because I'm simply in love with studs type earrings, they are easy to wear, classy and elegant.

I am lucky - I went into Kate Spade shop in Covent Garden and found out some selected items were on sale (they probably still are).  I found these small square stud earrings were on sale, I had to grab them!

They came in beautiful packaging, the box with a little bow tied around it was absolutely adorable.  The earrings were put into a little brown tie bag.

I chose a pair of light purple one (there were also a darker purple and turqoise colour left), I thought they would go with any outfits extremely easily and more importantly of all, I love purple!

I've worn them a few times already and am in love with them.  They are light and the size of the square wasn't too big that it looked awkward on my ears.

I usually have issues with earrings which they cause allergic reaction to my skin.  These didn't and I think it was because the pins were made with 14-karat gold so it didn't cause any troubles to my ears.

So let's talk money, they were £30 originally and have been reduced down to £18.  One very happy and satisfied customer walking away from Kate Spade!

What earrings are you rocking these days?  Are Kate Spade's jewellery on your wishlist?

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  1. Yeah, this is well said about Kate Spade earrings. These earrings are epitome of feminine look and elegance in jewelry world.