Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The New and The Repurchase at & other Stories

& other Stories has been opened for over 2 months now but I still find the shop exciting.  There is always an itch inside me to go into the shop every time when I walk pass it.

For those of you who are less familiar with & other Stories it is a brand under the H&M Group - ah I can see all of you nodding and saying, 'I see!'.  It sells a wide range of products from clothing, accessories, to skincare and beauty products.  I am yet to buy any clothing but I know I will work my way there soon.  I am really drawn to their simple cutting designed clothing - a bit of a cross over between COS and Zara perhaps, one word - Chic.

This time I went back to repurchase a handwash which I have used up.  The attractive thing about the skincare and beauty range is that if you bring back an empty bottle of body wash or handwash or any beauty or skincare products, you get 10% off your next purchase on the range.  That's what I did.

I repurchased the ever so addictive Moroccan Tea Hand Soap.  Boy oh boy, there is something about the scent of this handwash which is outrageously addictive.  It has this intense sweetness that stays in your hands after you use it.  I'm not those types of gals who love a sweet scented perfume but I cannot resist the fragrance of Moroccan Tea.  Honestly though I don't actually know what Moroccan Tea supposed to smell like but nevertheless I am hooked.  Paying £4 will give you in return a 250ml hand soap, what a fantastic value.

As I'm on the hunt for a good body scrub and after trying it from my sister's bath and shower collection, I decided to get my own body scrub.  No prize for guessing, I got myself the Moroccan Tea Body Scrub.  First impression of this scrub is it is intensely fragranced, the scrub is thick, creamy and gluey.  It contains fine scrubs which doesn't scratch your body but it is enough to do the scrubbing job well.  Also the scrub is thick enough to hang on to your body whilst you scrub you way round, instead some other body scrub I tried were too 'fluidity' they were washed away too easily by water.  Each tub costs £7 for 250ml.

Finally a makeup product - I love a neutral tone of eye shadows, that's probably because I am no expert in doing my eye makeups so I tend to be quite inadventurous and stick to what I know.  When I was in the shop previously I had my eyes on this palette but I thought to myself, how frequent am I going to use it though?  This time my mind has changed, I want to try out their makeup ranges so I bought the Eye Colour Palette in 'Plush Earth', priced at £12.  It's fantastic value because a single eye shadow colour will set you back at £7.... now you know how to do the maths!  All four colours are shimmery based, and will be great for a spring/summer day and evening look.

My sister (Forskandbrushes) has been raving about their lipgloss which I'm yet to try.  If you want to know what she thinks, please click here to read her review.  I know it is pretty good impression that she got as she had gone back to buy her second lipgloss from & other stories.

You can find & other stories on 256-258 Regent Street London W1B 3AA, or alternatively you can shop online.  However they only deliver to a UK and a few other European countries at the moment.

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