Monday, 18 November 2013

Day 4 Taipei Fun

Uh-Oh! Day 4 in Taipei had led me to get this little beaut!

It's a lovely faux leather bubble handbag by a Japanese brand called Rootote, which I haven't come across in neither London or Hong Kong. I've been longing to get one by Chanel but the price tag has once again freaked me out. When I saw this I fell in love with it instantly, and my handbag shopping ban went out of the window like it hasn't even been set out in the past! Can't wait to use this lovely handbag!

After a little browse in shops nearby our hotel, we head towards the National Theatre direction as Mr Holiday had a voice workshop to deliver with a local theatre group run by his school friend. 

At night we met up with our friends at a night market for very local Taiwanese food!

Bitter melon soup noodles, very soothing and felt like this was proper food therapy!

Steamed stinky tofu. Now I love fried stinky tofu but steamed one was the first time I tried and it tasted so good! However Mr Holiday couldn't stand the srinkiness, I wondered why?

This looks a bit weird but it's fried eel in a rice wine soup, very special!

We didn't go overboard in the food department, less is more!

I'm going to miss Taipei so much when I leave but we still have a full day ahead of us! Bring on day 5!


  1. Wow the food look delicious, never been to Taiwan but now I want to go. I met a lady in china the other day (who was 74 and Malaysian) she was telling me she went to Taiwan to specifically learn music and mandarin, as the country is quite famous for it. Which I didn't know? Chanel Bags are very very expensive, I have been saving for mine for two years, and price keeps going up and up. I am nearly at the point where I might be able to get my paws on one. What are you thinking Double flap or GST? I want a double flap medium, in black silver hardware with the caviar leather. How about you? That faux bag is very cute and a good alternative if you lusting for quilted leather. :)

    1. Hey Carrie how are you?

      I'm not sure either if Taiwan is the place to learn music and mandarin but it's definitely a place worth visiting when you get a chance!

      I would definitely want to go for a double flap Chanel Bag - my friend told me that the prices keep rising (it's actually a bit ridiculous to think that it's only a handbag).... I want one, too but I think I'll just wait.... hopefully eventually I will have my own Chanel handbag. do let me know when you own one yourself!