Sunday, 17 November 2013

Day 3 Taipei Fun

You can see food before words! Yes that basically summed up how we started day 3 in Taipei. Beef noodles in soup is one of the many popular food in Taiwan. It's hard to find good quality beef noodles in Hong Kong, so I had this on my to-eat list as soon as I knew I was coming to Taipei!

Then we took metro Taipei to a few places for the rest of the day. One of which being the flagship Eslite Book shop. There were 6 floors inside, aside from selling books, there were music records, handbags, stationery, and plenty of tea rooms and restaurants. A real entertainment city!

In the evening, we had business lunch with Mr Holiday's counterparts from the North Taipei Arts University.

After dinner, we were brought to walk around the neighbourhood area, it was lovely! It was an area full of caf├ęs and western restaurants, also lots of small independent boutiques. 

Surprisingly day 3 in Taipei passed without picking up any beauty products. Let's see what happens in day 4....

To be continued......

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