Saturday, 9 November 2013

Nail Collection Episode 6: L'Oreal

From left to right
805 Mysterious Icon
204 Boudoir Rose
622 Soft Chinchilla
These L'Oreal nail polish is simply great!  If you are obsessed with spending loads of your time in shopping in drugstores like me, you will have been attracted by the massive collection of nail polish at each L'Oreal counter.

These little bottles are designed so nicely that it looks so sleek with a gold cap in a narrow bottle - great for storage!

204 Boudoir Rose was my first purchase from this range as I was on the hunt for some natural pink colour on my nails.  I really really liked them after first application.  Sometimes pink can be a nightmare to put on if the formulation of the nail polish and the shade of colour are right - it could leave streak on your nails if you are impatient (like me!).

With this collection, there's no problem such as imperfection.  Both the formula of the nail polish and the brush seem to be a perfect combo for perfect looking nails:

The brush is short and flat which makes applying like a dream!  The colour is long lasting and when I say long lasting, they just don't chip at all even after a good 5 days!

I'm definitely going to keep my eyes on these and will be investing in a few more colours in future.

What are you waiting for?  They are only £4.99 - worth giving yourself a treat!

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