Saturday, 16 November 2013

Day 2 Taipei Fun

Day 2 in Taipei continued to be fun!

We didn't want to rush like an ordinary tourist so we took our time to walk around the area in our hotel. We stayed in the Taipei Central Station area, so you can imagine how busy and vibrant this area can get!

A trip isn't fulfilled until I visited some beauty goodies. Funnily enough, as soon as Mr Holiday saw a Watson's (equivalent of Boots or Superdrug in the UK) as we passed by, he slowed down and said to me, "you want to go in?". Heehee

I'm not familiar of any big beauty or skincare brands by Taiwan.  However this brand 1028 Visual Therapy suddenly came up in my mind. It is by a Taiwanese makeup artist called Kevin. I was so excited when I saw his makeup stand inside Watson's!

He has a whole range of products and they all look very well designed, packaged and with good quality.

In the end I picked two eye shadow palettes.  One is his latest launch called Brownie eyes which is in a light tin. It contains 6 shades, all are my favourite natural shades and they remind me of the  Bobbi Brown Chocolate palette. 

Another eyeshadow quad are available in 3 sets I picked this quad which had some greenish silver colour, it's for my sister (forksandbrushes), she said it's exactly what she's looking for! 

We also walked pass Eslite bookshop, probably one of the most famous and popular place in Taipei. We didn't go to its flagship store yet but we passed by a branch. Then I saw these cute little solid perfume which I was completely attracted to! 

In the end I picked two: 

Both have lovely pictures on the cover, and they smell like fresh floral scents.

Here's some of the food we had. We didn't go overboard at all. Food in Taiwan is never dull or not enough, you can only eat too much and have not enough time to eat! This time, we paced ourselves to enjoy what to eat!

In the evening, it was time to make our way to Taipei National University of Arts to fulfil the purpose of why we are here. Mr Holiday's colleague is on an exchange programme teaching here, and he is currently directing a show these two weeks. 

It's such a valuable experience. I don't think anyone would actually think of visiting a University here, and to see a show; whilst in Taipei. So here we were doing these couple of things that aren't conventional!

Well done to all students in the show, you guys rock!

Bring on Day 3!!!!

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