Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Day 5 & 6 Taipei Fun

Day 5 in Taipei, we took our time to explore more of this city. Mr Holiday needed some shopping time on electronic goods so we went to one of the biggest computer centre in Taipei. It was huge! Anything about computers, electrical appliances, you name it; here has it!

We then made our way to another fairly newly opened Eslite Bookshop nearby. It's inside a huge park where it used to be the place for a cigarette factory in the past; now turned into a cultural park. 

Inside Eslite bookshop, apart from selling books, and other special little things; you can also find plenty of Taiwanese tea room.

We chose one of them and had a bit of tea time there! In this tea room, it serves everything made with rice. Such as rice tea, rice pudding and brown rice ice-cream. 

It was the ultimate unique relaxing tea time for a long time! 

In the evening before we met up with our friends for some late night local food, we strolled down near a busy shopping areas, and as I walk passed a shop in an underground shopping area, one familiar bottle caught the back of my eyes and I quickly made a U-turn and dashed into the shop.  Ah!!!!! I found Marc Jacob's nail polish on the rack!  How could this be? It's not available in London or Hong Kong yet and I desparately wanted this! There were only a few colours available and I picked this sparkly metallic dark copper shade, which I'm wearing on me nails as I type this blog.

I love Taipei even more! If anyone knows when Marc Jacob makeup range will be launched in the UK or Hong Kong, please let me know!

To end the night on a high, our friends brought us to have some yumminess in a very local restaurant. Look at all these small dishes of delicious food!

Day 6.... Returning to Hong Kong in the morning... Sad times but we had such an amazing time in here!! We will be back, hopefully very soon!

I hope you have enjoyed sharing the highlights of my trip with me in the last few days! I shopped but didn't drop. I'm so pleased though I managed to get a few things that are only available in Taipei.

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