Sunday, 3 November 2013

5 products I didn't regret taking with me from London

A couple of months before I departed London, I had a good look at my beauty collection and said to myself, 'Oh My God!'..... My obsessions for beauty has gone completely out of control at that stage, within a short space of time I built up a larger than life beauty collection that one can take in one life.

I thought about leaving some products behind as I thought I would definitely be adding more when I got to the other side of the world.  Luckily, I didn't as I needed every single bits of what I have in my makeup collection to survive, and to mesmerise about London.

I went through my makeup stash and picked out 5 products that they stood out for me the most and was pleased, once again that I didn't leave any of them behind.  As my love for them has grown since I arrived in Hong Kong.

Hourglass Ambient Light Powder in Dim Light I would raise my hands up to confess that I bought this purely because of all the hypes this product has received in the bloggersphere.  I did, however try it a few times in the shop but didn't find it particularly attractive or worth buying.  As I was counting towards my departure date back in September, I felt the urgency to have to own this as I wasn't sure how available hourglass products are in Hong Kong.  

I was right to buy it, although I found this shade, Dim Light; actually a little pink to my skin tone so I couldn't use this as an all over the face product nor can I use it to highlight my face as it would look odd.  However, one day as I was experimenting with this I put it on my cheeks, it actually turned out rather nice.  As it is not such a pigmented product, on days when I just want a natural finish to my makeup, this has become my go to cheek-highlighting product.

Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil in Dark Brunette  ''I picked the wrong shade!' was the first impression after I applied this on my brows.... it looked horrendous on me....... it made me look like Alex Mills from Apprentice (if you watched this year's series you would know who I meant!).  Ever since then I didn't touch it.  Until recently I played around with it as I thought it cost me a whooping £26 I simply couldn't just leave it un-used.  I used a lighter hand technique to fill my brows and the results turned out to be rather satisfying!  After experimenting a few times with it, I realised that the pencil is very soft and pigmented when filling in the brows.  So my word of warning is that, when you swatch it on your hands in the shop, you might find the pencil a little hard to draw out the colour but it is actually different when filling in the brows!

RMS Beauty 'Un' Cover-Up Concealer Oh, Boy Oh Boy do I love this product or what!  I have been using this religiously everyday for at least a whole month!  It is available in 4 shades only so that's the only minus point for it.  I use the lightest one.  It can be used as a concealer for under the eyes and on blemishes, it can also be used as a foundation if you build it up.  When I use this in my under eye areas, not only does it cover up my dark circle, it also brightens up my eyes instantly.  The formula is so light yet buildable, and doesn't look cakey at all.  It is not greasy nor dry.  You can either just use your fingers to dab this on or like me I like to use my Sephora's Pro Airbrush concealer brush to buff this to my skin until perfection.  I couldn't agree more of this product.  One has to try it before they know how good this product can be!

Clinique Super City Block in SPF 40 This was a last minute purchase before I headed to Hong Kong in September.  I paniked as I was packing, I needed something light but could offer high sun protection especially for my face.  I came across this on one of Lisa Eldrige's videos so I instantly thought of this.  I grabbed it in Boots in Liverpool Street Station and I never looked back.  It is a very light, watery texture sun protection base product.  Although when squeezed out of the tube it looked beige, it set transparent on your face and doesn't provide any coverage at all.  However it didn't cause any skin irritation or blemishes as a result of using this even in very humid and hot weather (as I have tested this thoroughly by now).  I would apply my day moisturizer still, then a thin layer of this, before applying either just concealer product or foundation on.  You cannot feel that you are piling on loads of products on your face but you are reassured that your face is protected from sun damage.  I think I'll keep using this in the winter months as it is so good, and also protecting your skin from the sun is like putting on day or night cream that it should be part of anyone's skincare routine!

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge I really like my beauty blender and have since tried other versions of it but kept going back to the original brand.  Until Real Techniques released it very own Miracle Complexion Sponge, I had to try it.  One can say this is a dupe for the beauty blender but I would say this is an alternative for the original beauty blender.  First of all it only costs £5.99 compared to almost £16 (or £24 for 2), it is a lot cheaper.  Also it has a slanted side which is perfect to provide details when blending foundations or concealers around the nose areas and under the eyes.  It is so soft and squidgy that it blends beautifully with whatever product you are blending with.

Do you have products that you would always take with you when you are away home?

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