Friday, 15 November 2013

Hello from Taipei, Taiwan

A big fat hello from Taipei!

For the next few days, I'm in this lovely city; with Mr Holiday who is on a semi-business trip. 

We arrived late afternoon yesterday, we then checked-in straight away at the iTaipei Service Apartment.  

The double room wasn't available so we were put into a room for 3 persons for the night. Wow it was amazing, it's a properly 2 bedrooms flat! 

We then popped to next door, there's a massive department store, it's like Taiwanese Selfridges, we ended up having an amazing buffet meal at the top floor of the department store. 

After dinner we had a quick tour around inside and it was lovely! I plan to go back there today to shop a little bit!

The first night was finished off by having a drink in our flat with one of Mr Holiday's friends.

I can't wait what's interesting stuff we will do in the next few days! As it's not our first time in here, but it's our first time in Taipei together; so I wonder what new things we will be doing this time! (As the previous few times I came here with my family)

Ciao for now!

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