Thursday, 27 March 2014

Burberry Makeup

I caved, finally.  Never say never is what I learnt again and again.  I thought I would not try any makeup by Burberry as I was a little sceptical about them despite hearing mainly good reviews about them.  Yes I was impressed by B's nail polish but the rest of the makeup range.......?

The motivation came from Lily Pebbles talked about her favourite One Wash Wonder eyeshadows, I was intrigued by how amazing it is her pick on Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow in Mulberry looked on her eyelids.  The other day, I made it a mission to make my way down, to I believe the only Burberry beauty shop in Hong Kong (in Pacific Place).

I asked to have a swatch of the mulberry shade.  It looks exactly like how Lily described a chocolate burgundy shimmer.  However a tester was not available so I couldn't test it properly and when comparing Mulberry to other shades available, I found it a little too dark shade to my liking.  These days I'm all about natural makeup, a little goes a long way kind of eye colours.  Suddenly I spotted Antique Rose (No. 10).

It looks a little shimmery on the pan itself but when swatted on fingers, it's rather matte and it gives out a sheer finish rather than all glittery.  I would describe it as a muted darker pink.  A definitely one wash wonder for me.  The eyeshadow quality is fantastic, it feels rather buttery and very easy to blend.

My scepticism has been completely dispelled and the quality of it reminds me of Bobbi Brown's eyeshadows!  If you haven't tried any beauty products from Burberry, I'd strongly recommend you to go and play with it a little bit at the counter to try it out for yourself.

Whilst the very nice makeup lady at the counter helped me with testing the eyshadows, she also applied some Velvet Foundation in No. 203 (available in 8 shades) on me.  It felt really good - coverage is a light to medium, and gives a matte finish which is something not of my usual choice as I would have opted for a more dewy finish.  Hence I tried out Sheer Foundation (available in 13 shades) n the past but was freaked out by how thick the texture of.

The lady explained to me further, Velvet Foundation is more of a watery texture, even though it gives a matte finish, it is suitable for all skin types.  If you want a more dewy and glowy finish, you can apply a Fresh Glow Fluid Base (available in 2 shades) which I also tried and really it gave a refreshed look to your face, and the glow that you need.  Whilst the Sheer Foundation, even though it gives a sheer finish as opposed to matte, it suits dry skin but it is more for mature skin and offers a heavier coverage, hence the thicker and slightly more creamier finish than the Velvet Foundation.

That's such a fantastic learning at the Burberry Beauty shop!  I was given a sheer foundation to give it a good try!

Are you tempted to try some Burberry makeup bits?

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