Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Orange Struggle

Alright, I get it!  From the cat walk shows, beauty advertisements, to celebrities on TV and magazines, bloggers on youtube and at beauty counters; it seems like orange lips is the way to go Spring/ Summer.  Sadly, me and orange have drifted apart from each other.

A year and a bit ago I started to venture out into coral/ orange and have thoroughly enjoyed wearing them.  Recently I'm more into the nude, natural, 'my lips but better' colours..... Orange is a bit too loud, and too out there for me.  As much as I probably won't be wearing these shades religiously, but I still want to share with you 4 orange shades that have passed my comfort zones and you might want to give them a little whirl to see if they suit!

I found that orange/ coral shades can be a bit tricky for olive/ yellow undertone skin despite having a pale overall skin tone; as they might not be the most flattering for this kind of complexion.

The first one in the stash to ease you into coral is by Chanel, Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer LipShine in #46 Liberte.  They are a bit of a cheat in the orange bold lips department.  It looks, as you can see, rather like a nude, my lips but better shades but trust me when wear on the lips, somehow it appears as a light shade of coral; it pops!  I love how hydrating this lipstick is on my very dry lips and I can definitely wear this without having to wear a lip balm underneath.  A very easy lipstick and colour to wear.

From a cheat-orange shade, let's jump onto a proper orange/ corally lipgloss, this one by Jill Stuart Lip Jewel in shade #19.  I was totally attracted by its packaging, the pink jewel on top of the dover applicator makes it like a lipgloss that a princess should own and would wear.

I remembered how obsessed I was with this lipgloss I was applying this on almost on an half an hourly basis.  Okay, it might suggest that this lipgloss doesn't wear well, it gives a very sheer finish that it is buildable and appears very glossy.  It passed my lipgloss test, too that it isn't sticky that it catches my hair!   If you are a glossy kind of gal this one would be for you.  Also as you build the colour up you can have total control of how intense the coral shade you want.  All in all, a good quality lipgloss that I would recommend.

Topshop makeup just never disappoints!  This little Topshop number in shade CHARMED is a beautiful neon coral/ orange shade but when worn on the lips, it doesn't appear too bold and overwhelming, yet it's bright enough to make a statement that you are a stylish person that is keeping up to the orange lips trend.

If you are still not convinced about orange lips, how about choosing something of a hybrid of coral and peach with a pink tone runs through it?  Chanel Livres Scintillantes Glossimer in shade #165 might satisfy your curiosity and comfort zone.  The colour pay off is sheer and almost complements with every makeup look you carry.

Are you rocking the orange lips already?  Hopefully I have given you a little bit of an idea to wear orange on your lips!

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