Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A Few Drugstore Must Haves

Who doesn't like to indulge in a full range of high end makeup?  However it can be a bit of an expensive habit to get into though!  I don't overlook what the high street/ drugstores have got to offer because you can often find gems hidden right in the middle of all the exciting drugstore brands, and they often have a long history behind them which just goes to show their positions in the beauty market!

I do own quite a bit of makeup from the drugstore, thanks to Boots/ Superdrug's regular promotion of 3 for 2 Offer, back in the days when I lived in London.  Now that I'm in Hong Kong, I can only admire across the Pacific Oceans of these delicious offer because in Hong Kong, the story doesn't quite go the same.... there doesn't seem to be such amazing offer available in our local drugstores here.

Nonetheless, I want to share with you my Top 6 Drugstore picks, and this by no means is the complete list, it was rather difficult to narrow it down to just six!

Bourjois Happy Light Foundation in shade No. 50 Porcelain (£11.99) - Bourjois has got to be my favourite drugstore brand of all times.  Their foundation range are the best quality in my very humble opinion, the only downside about this foundation which is shared by other drugstore brands' foundations is the lacking of shades available.  This foundation is light, hydrating and long lasting.  It has a light to medium coverage which you can wear dab it around the area you need or cover the whole face and build it up to the coverage you desire.  The good thing about this foundation for dry skin is that it doesn't cling onto dry patches.  I also like the pump dispenser which makes things very hygienic.  This would be great for a day out as well as an evening out, too and photographs very well, and no need to worry about any flashback as it doesn't contain any SPFs in.  Because of the light and slightly liquify formula, you can absolutely use your fingers to apply this but I also found that using a beauty sponge to apply which enhances a flawless finish.  If you are a drugstore foundation virgin, I would strongly recommend Bourjois base products to you.

Sleek Lace Blush by 3 (£9.99)  Sleek is such a best kept secret drugstore brand.  Beauty Insiders are absolutely in love with their products, and its blushers are probably one of the best well known products.  There are so many colours in the range, from cream to powder forms.  The blushers are highly pigmented which reminds me so much for Nars' but with only a fraction of the price.  This one I own is a trio of blusher, the one in the middle called Guipure has some finely milled shimmer runs through the golden bronzy corally shade which is absolutely beautiful - if you are also a fan of Nars it would certainly ring a bell with you of Nars' most famous blusher, Orgasm.  

Rimmel London Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick in shade 03 (£5.49) - I miss Rimmel products as they are not found in Hong Kong - if you know where to get Rimmel products in Hong Kong, please let me know!  I feel that Rimmel Kate's lipstick doesn't get talked about as much as it should be.  They are absolutely fantastic lipsticks.  Sometimes I find lipstick a little too drying on my lips but this one isn't at all.  It is very hydrating on the lips and I can get away with applying this onto my lips straight from the bullets without having to prep my lips with lip balm.  I love this nude shade as it doesn't have that 'wash away' my complexion finish.  The shade suits both when I wear a heavy eye makeup look or on days when I want something just very subtle on my face.  The lipstick is slightly on the scented side of things but it's not a pungent scent and doesn't sting onto the lips once applied.  It's not the most long lasting lip colour of all compare to other lipsticks but it doesn't bother me as I like applying this any time during the day if I wear it.

L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in shade 021 Sahara Treasure (£6.99) - I must have raved about this eyeshadow for a ton of the times, because it is THAT good.  What's more exciting is that it is well known in the bloggersphere that it is a dupe for the Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Eyeshadow which costs a whooping £26.50; they are actually identical in the department of colour pay off, formulation, design and packaging!  I love how convenience the eyeshadow is - you can just use your index fingers to sweep this all over the eyelids, or use a fluffy blending brush; both methods are very easily achieved.  The colour finish makes people the impression as if you have taken ages to apply your eye makeup as it gives quite a few different dimension to the finish look; but in fact it's probably only taken you 2 mins to do!  Tempted?

Topshop Kohl Pencil in Sable (£4) - I know my favourite eyeliner pencil which I have said it for so many a times, is the Kiko Eye Pencil but let me address a different one to you, a one that is slightly easier to get hold of.  Topshop Kohl Pencil is such a god-send eyeliner pencil, especially for eyeliner beginners.  The creamy and soft formula makes drawing those precise eyeliners a dream and you would feel like a pro once you have this pencil on hands.  I love this dark brown colour as it's a little softer than your average black ones.  It costs only £4 and has never gone wrong on me, and in every way; this outperforms other more expensive kohl pencils.

Kate Lash Extension Mascara in BK-1 (HK$95/  £7.3) - One of the recent beauty discoveries since moving to Hong Kong.  Kate is part of a Japanese beauty brand called Kanebo, and are available in Watson's, Sasa; so they are fairly easy to get hold of if you live here.  I didn't quite know what to expect when first purchased.  It's quite a dainty wand compare to other European brands which seems to suit Asian eyes (that means, my lashes) a little better.  It's a slight curled wand which aims to lengthen those much needed short lashes, it also contains some flaky fibre bits which I believe is the key to extension of lashes, and more importantly it WORKS!  I'lll definitely try out more of Kate's products!

I hope you like my picks!  What would be your drugstore picks?  

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