Sunday, 23 March 2014

DIY Gift Idea for Mother's Day

Another year, another Mother's Day!  This year Mothering Sunday will fall on 30 March in the UK.  I have a feeling it's on a different day in Hong Kong, possibly the second Sunday in April; if you know please let me know!

Each year, I have to be honest; my sister (@forksandbrushes) and I always struggle to find something special to give to our moms.  However, ideas always kind of flush into our minds a couple of weeks away from the M-Day.

This year, I'm not able to celebrate the day with her physically as I'm in Hong Kong whilst she's in London.  My sister and I have prepared a little present for her already but I thought I might do something special and give her a little surprise all the way from Hong Kong.

Shopping around to get ideas, I stumbled across a blank puzzle board in Muji.  (unfortunately after searching high and low on Muji's website I cannot find the link to the product itself but if you click on the link provided above, you can find a picture of it featuring the puzzle board).

My creative side of me suddenly jumped out of me and thought, this would be a perfect DIY little project!  I can draw (nice) pictures on it then disintegrate the pieces and send it off to my mom; then when she receives it; she'll have the fun to reassemble them together to find out what her lovely daughter has sent her as a surprise!

The puzzle board comes in two sizes, the one I got is 210mm x 210mm; and the other one is a slightly bigger one.  My one cost me HK$35, so roughly around £3.

You will need (colour) pens/ pencils which are 'slide resistant' because of the material that the puzzle board is made of, so I used some permeant marker pens to draw on it.  I had so much fun completing this little project and I hope my mom will like it!

I mean even if you can't get hold of one of these blank puzzle cardboard, I think you can take DIY a step further.  Buy a piece of cardboard from any stationery shops, draw some lines and grid of puzzle shapes, have them cut out so that they can actually become puzzle pieces for assembling and reassembling later on; then draw on them.  I think the result would not be any different to what I have generated here!

Have you any ideas already what to give to your mom on Mother's Day, which is only a week away!  Hopefully I have given you a nice and easy DIY idea!

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