Sunday, 2 March 2014

Drugstore (Watson's) Haul

Feeling particularly spendy and itchy to try some new bits to embrace the Spring season, I decided to make a trip to my local drugstore (Watson's) and ended up doing a little damage to my purse.  I think I'm pretty pleased about what I have bought and wanted to share with you all.

If you've read my February favourites you would know I'm rocking some simple and natural makeup recently.   The Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Light Weight Primer has got a lot of attention in the bloggersphere, however my eyeballs were drawn to this Maybelline Baby Skin Bright Pink Fair Skin with 24h Hydration Instant Pink Transfer with SPF 35/ PA+++  (HK$89/ £6.89 - please note the £ conversion should only be taken as a guide only as all these products were purchased in Hong Kong, RRP could be different elsewhere) , which was placed next to the primer.  I've never seen this or heard about this and I believe this is not yet available in the UK.  To be honest, I don't like the packaging of the Baby Skin line as I found it a little bit on the childish side.  However as I squeezed the product out of the tube in the shop, I found the texture pleasing and gave me the urge to give it a proper try.  The SPF35 element contained in this primer is also a bonus point which hopefully will work as a natural base for my face on days when I want to wear minimal makeup.

Whilst I was lurking in front of the Maybelline stand, I spotted this beautiful set of Eye Studio Hyper Diamonds Ready-To-Wear Eye Color Palette in the shade BR-1 (HK$99/ UK £7.6).  I wanted to explore more into eye shadow palette so for under a tenner, I don't think it can go wrong.  Also the colour combinations remind me of my Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow quad in Dolci Vita.  I'm very excited to give this a whirl!

I've got a few chubby sticks look alike makeup bits under my belt but I never felt too crazy about it like others.  However I was in an adventurous mode and decided to go out of my comfort zone a little bit more.  I swatches a few of the Revlon ColourBurst Lacquer Balm (HK$98/ sold at £7.99 in the UK).  I fell in love instantly with the colour #105 Demur, it's a glossy pale baby pink with some very fine glitter.  I think it would go with either a smokey eye look or a natural makeup look.

Whilst keeping the overall of my face makeup natural, I still wanted my eyes to look awake, nice and big.  Recently I've come up to an eyelash routine that I am happy about.  However I wanted to give new mascaras a try so I bought the following:

  • Kate Lash Extension Mascara in BK-1 (HK$95/  £7.3)  Kate is part of a Japanese brand called Kanebo.  They offer a whole range of makeup and I've never tried anything from Kate until recently I bought its Kate Lash Maximiser (in a white tube) it works as an eyelash primer which kind of changed how my lashes look!  I decided to give Kate another try of her mascara.  Keeping my fingers crossed for some good results!
  • Majolica Majorca Ultra Curl Mascara (HK$138/ £10.65).  Majolica Majorca is part of Shiseido brand.  It's very well known for their mascaras.  I must say I was not a fan of one of the mascaras I've tried.  The reason why I wanted to give it another try because of the comb lookalike brush.  I tried something similar in my Shiseido Makeup Workshop and was pretty impressed by it.  This one I picked up is half of the price of the Shiseido so I'm hoping that this will work equally well then it will save me some money in the long run.
  • Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Curl Mascara (HK$88 'on offer but original price is HK$118/ sold at £7.99 in the UK; it's a bit cheaper in the UK).  I love makeup by Bourjois but have never tried mascaras from Bourjois.  Now that I get the hang of the shape of the brushes of mascaras that suit me, I picked this one to see if this really works for me!
So.... this is the end of my haul - I'm very excited to give all the products a whirl, and would definitely report back!

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