Tuesday, 25 March 2014

March Favourites

This month is a bit of a weird month for me, makeup wise I'm all over the place, skincare wise I'm just trying to use up what I have in the stash, although still keeping everything in the hydration side of things seeing my skin is still pretty dehydrated, and with the ongoing issues of blemishes....

Whilst I want to cover things up, I don't want to go all fake and things.  A little cover up goes a long way, as long as I look presentable, dewy and fresh then I'm all happy.  So this month, makeup wise I ditch my beloved eyeliners and on most days I forget about eyeshadows, its 'll about the natural rosy cheeks, and glowy finish.

Revlon Powder Blush in #002 Haute Pink Rose Classe It does look pretty bright and pink on the pan but if you try to swatch it on the back of your hands, it's actually a rather soft muted rosy pink colour.  When swept on the cheeks, it creates that rosy cheeks finish which definitely gives an illusion of a natural flush on the face.  It's perfect if you want just one thing applied on the face to make a difference, this is the product you want to consider!

The sun is coming out a lot more and a little stronger these days in Hong Kong, despite having a few gloomy days.  I quickly turned my thoughts on sun protection.  My good old Kiko City Filter Sunscreen Primer in SPF 50 provides a perfect filter for my skin from the damaging but lovely sunlight.  When squeezed out from the dispenser, it's a yellow liquid form cream but don't be freaked out by it as it sets transparent, and very hydrating and extremely light in texture, too.  It doesn't feel as if you have put a sunscreen in SPF 50, not tacky and not-blocking-pores feel!  I know it's a little difficult to get anything that is higher than an SPF 50 in the UK so perhaps this would be your next high thing when it comes to sun protection!

Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer It's a perfect conealing threesome.  It's got two shades, one for under the eye areas, another for covering those blemishes; and a transparent powder to set things in place.  I don't normally use the powder but the two concealer shades have been my best friends.  They are light, not cakey at all; and very creamy which makes blending a dream!

I want to thank Kate lash maximiser in White saved my short and non naturally curly lashes!  After curling them, I applied 2 coats on each side of my eyelashes, it gives my lashes a bit of a push up bra effect, a good base to be ready for mascaras to be coat on better and more effective.  Together with the Maybelline Great Lash which I got in a giveaway by Julie, you can see her in depth review of the mascara here.  I know so many people are absolute fans of Maybelline mascaras and I have now tried quite a few but sadly me and them just don't get on.  When I received this in the giveaway, I was actually really excited to try them on and wanted to love them but once again it proved me right that we aren't friends in the mascara department.  However, an Eureka moment dawned on me, since I have very sparse and tiny bottom lashes, I thought why not try this on my bottom lashes!  It worked amazingly well on them.  The tiny mascara brush, appeared an almost heart shape with a rather pointed end made it perfect for me to direct the wand onto my lower lashes.  I don't need drama on my bottom lashes so this serves me just right, that it gives them a little definition that the lashes needed!  So, perhaps next time if any mascaras don't work on your upper lashes, how about look downwards and give them a try?

Applying mascaras can be a messy act if you are not careful, so my Sephora targeted eye remover swabs are very handy makeup tools to clear up those mistakes around the eye areas.  You break the end with a blue line that runs around one end of the cotton buds, then the blue liquid inside the tube would flow onto the other end which then soaked up all the products, you can then use that end to clear up any imperfection on the face, very handy and tidy indeed!

I have to say when it comes to skincare, I can be a little lazy and I don't want to put 10 products on my face every day and night.  So when my sister (@forksandbrushes) recommended me highly of Kiehl's Midnight Recover Concentrate I was intrigued by it.  I have used the eye cream from the same line and was very fond of it.  Now that I have been using this good stuff for over 2 months and I feel like I want to repurchase it already but I'm not even 1/10 of using up this product yet.  You only need 2 droplets of this after your evening routine of cleansing and toning your face.  Then you rub this in between the palm of your hands to generate a bit of heat, you then press your hands against your whole face when applying.  It feels very soothing and somewhat repairing.  It's a serum and a slightly oily one but it isn't greasy at all and absorbed really quickly by the skin.  The next day, you get to meet a rather refreshed and glowy self.  Sounds like magic but you feel that this stuff is doing something overnight to your skin!

It feels a bit of a ramble this March Favourites but I hope that you have enjoyed reading this!  So, what have you liked using in March?

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