Thursday, 3 April 2014

Four Empties: likes or no-like?

I feel like a ball of fire finishing up my various skincare and beauty bits recently. Seeing that my uncontrollably large collection of a bit of absolutely EVERYTHING that are coming up to their very last lapse of lives, I had no choice but to restrict myself from hauling more and to put what I have into good use!  I've enjoyed the process and glad that I did, because by using up the last drips and draps of creams, lotion and potion, I developed a different experience with them.

Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser for dry/ sensitive skin - this really is my all-time fav when it comes to skincare, not only is this particular product but also LE the brand itself. I found every product in the brand very gentle to the skin, it's very soothing yet does the job well and effectively. It doesn't cause any irritations at all, no stinging to the skin but offers great amount of hydration. Whether or not it's repaired my skin, I can't put my fingers on it as it's unfair to tell by having just finished one tub of this good stuff. However, the result is great enough for me to want to repurchase. Also, the price is fitted in the middle range amongst other skincare brands but results in premium achievement. Liz Earle's that good!

Diorskin Sculpt Line Smoothing Concealer in shade 002 Beige - I personally like Dior as a beauty brand as I have liked a few of their beauty products. You can sneak into my Dior beauty collection here. However, now that I've finished up this concealer, I feel like this is the first of its product that I'm not entirely satisfied with. It's a creamy texture concealer which makes it easy to blend. The coverage isn't great, it's a bit wishy washy. I was told this could be applied under the eyes as well as covering blemishes so I used it as a dual purpose concealer. They couldn't cover things well and it looked as if I've piled on some cakey stuff on my face. Even though I said above its got a creamy consistency and easy to blend, as the coverage is weak, I tend to pile more and more.... A not-so-nice viscious cycle. Also I think I was colour mismatched so it appeared a bit "yellowy" on my face... Not a good look... I had to blend blend blend to make it work! Oh boy that's too much of a hard work!

Oilatum natural repair face cream is my ultimate remedy for dry skin.  It's an aqua based hydrating and repair face cream for dry and sensitive skin.  You only need a tiny amount for the entire face as it really is very moisturising minus the greasiness.  It's not fragranced at all which is a big plus in skincare.  I use this more frequently in between seasons and especially during the winter time.  I would apply a bit more round my nose area as they tend to suffer from flaky skin.  I'd strongly recommend anyone who has dry/ sensitive skin to give this a try, you can use this in replacement of your normal moisturiser.  I don't find that my makeup slips off if I have this applied underneath - I thought you might want to know this.

L'Oreal New Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution This incredibly affordable, Bioderma Sensibio H20 (the King/ Queen of makeup remover) dupe by L'Oreal has received an overwhelmingly amount of hype in the bloggersphere quite a while back.  Did I like it?  Hm.... This was actually my 2nd/ 3rd bottle.... it's a sign I must like something?  Hm.... The answer actually is I'm not entry sure.  I was certainly attracted by the price, approx £1.67/100ml for the L'Oreal Micellar solution, whilst for the Bioderma water is around 
£4.50/100ml.  In terms of effectiveness, I would say they are almost identical, and cannot 
tell the difference really.  I would say that L'Oreal Micellar solution is slightly more effective in
removing waterproof mascaras.  Having said that, I don't think a water-based makeup remover
can ever outperform an oil-based one.  However both are very gentle on the skin and I can
almost say that the L'Oreal one is even a bit more gentle.  However the dispenser is no-good
the content inside can be over spilled when you try to get the product out, so in the end you are 
wasting quite a lot of product and end up having to top up more and quicker.  I think now that
I've finished this one and have repurchased, I'm happy to move onto something else different.  
The next one on my list is Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water.

I hope that you liked this kind of empties + product review blog, and didn't find it too tedious.  
What have you emptied recently?  Have you tried any of the above products?

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  1. I really like the L'Oreal micellar water and I am really glad that it finally launched in Canada! I do think Bioderma performs just a little better on me, but that H2O is even pricier here.