Thursday, 10 April 2014

Voluminous hair that looks au naturale

I have fine and flat hair, and the ends are quite dehydrated (just like my skin!).  I found that styling my hair isn't the easiest of all.  You probably wouldn't guess this might be the case as it doesn't look that 'high maintenance'.  I found that when I had curly hair it was way easier to handle - at least I could get away with no-drying just giving it lots of treatment.

Now that I've had my curly bits completely grown out of, I'm left with my original hair style - straight, which I do enjoy and like.  However the crown area can be quite flat and lack of shape.  As a result, I found a great hair combo that gives a rather natural (not mega big and crazy) voluminous hair style.

After washing my hair and towel dry them, I would spray the TRESemme straightening spray with Argan Oil (£4.99), targeting the ends rather than the roots.  Although this stuff won't leave your hair greasy, it is my ends that needs more attention and treatment to.  This spray also has frizz control so it proves an extra protection from heat when styling.

Then I would spray a bit of this Mark Hill Big Blow Volume Spray (£3.99) I wouldn't spray this all over my head but instead, I would target the spray to my crown (top of my head) section, underneath my hair instead of the top layer of my hair; and as close to my roots as possible.  After spraying, I would use my hands to squeeze my hair together a little bit to make sure the volume spray is being absorbed by my hair thoroughly.

Then, that's it - all I need are these two hair products to create this straight but a natural voluminous hair-do.  I would blow dry my whole head roughly first, then section them into two parts: blow dry the underneath section using a round-shape comb, then the top part of my hair.

If I wanted more volume, I would spend a little more time when I blow dry, but most days I would go for a natural look, like so:

I hope that this has given you some affordable (2 products come in a total under a tenner!) and extremely hassle-free ways to create voluminous hair!  What's your trick?

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