Monday, 7 April 2014

fresh Sugar Lip Polish

My lips are always dry, no matter how much moisturising and hydrating elements I'm injecting into them.  I just cannot help it.... which actually really annoys me because there are always flaky skins residual on my lips.  Unless straight after exfoliating them, they then look and feel a bit more smooth but a few hours in, they go back to their dry and flaky state.

I have tried a few lip scrub, this time I'm nearly at the end of the fresh Sugar Lip Polish. It is a dual function lip scrub: exfoliates and conditions the lips at the same time.  Let's have a look if they live up to the standard.

The exfoliant is a brown sugar looking stuff inside the pot, it smells rather sweet, a bit like brown sugar really.  I scooped this out with my fingers, I need quite a lot of the product as the exfoliant bits are very fine particles.  It is good in a sense that they won't hurt your lips as it's so fine but at the same time you need quite a bit and quite a vigorous action to scrub off the dead skin on the lips.  But cautious though, if you don't have as dry lips as I do, you might not need as much product and as violent as I needed to when exfoliating.

I would give my lips a good 3 minutes of scrub at the very least in order to feel that this stuff has worked its magic.  What about the conditioning quality of this scrub?  Yes it certainly does feel moisturising whilst exfoliating the lips as it feels a little bit tacky both on the fingers, whilst you exfoliate, and after you get rid of the exfoliant using a cotton pad.  Ah, one good tip is that, when you feel that you have completed the process, I'd suggest that you use a piece of dry cotton pad to wipe off the exfoliant from your lips as an extra further step to scrub off the last little flaky bit.  Then followed by using water to clean the lips.  This, I found will leave a much smoother lips.

So.... sounds like I'm not convinced if this gets a thumb up or down from me?  Hm.... I think it would suit more for people who don't have dry and flaky lips but just want a gentle exfoliation of the lips to keep them nice and smooth.  For people like me who has extreme chapped, dry and flaky lips, this perhaps isn't quite the product for you.

What lip scrub/ exfoliate products have you used before?

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  1. Thank you for the tips of how to remove the scrub afterwards! I didn't like this scrub at first becoz I found it oily to remove afterwards.