Friday, 27 February 2015


Recently I'm loving trying out some new lipsticks, N.B. It's lipsticks not lipgloss. I used to be more of a lipgloss kind of gal because of my dry lips situation but I said to myself, there must be lipsticks out there that would offer both gorgeous colour and the hydration that my lips desperately need.

Both are the kind of MLBB colours. 3CE creamy lip colour in rollercoaster has a very creamy formula. It really is and I was told be careful with it as it might melt if the weather is hot. So you can imagine how creamy the formula is. I expected it to be very moisturising on the lips and it was. However, because of its very (extreme) creamy formula, the finish of it on the lips became very patchy and escentuated the lines on my lips, which is not a good scene at all . It's no good applying it straight from the bullet but I would imagine using a lip brush would help. I always had to use my ring finger to dabble it smoothly to even out the colour on my lips... The colour is a nice pink colour and when swatched on the back of my hand it looks lovely but when it's applied on my lips, it's not flattering at all!

However I found a fantastic lipstick - Lavshuca Lady Rouge in #0914. It's not a shade that I would normally choose but I like that it's very close to my natural lip colour (quite dark). It's not drying at all even without putting on a lip balm beforehand, which rarely happens for me. The colour is perfect for me, brightens up my complexion as well as complementary to any makeup look I wear. I also love how pretty and girly the packaging is, a red wine red with lace pattern on the bullet, and how tiny it actually is which is great for throwing it in my handbag. 

Two lipsticks, which one have you tried?

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