Friday, 13 February 2015


When it comes to beautifying myself, I can't really say I'm a lazy kind of person but I'm definitely one for quick and efficient.  This means that often I overlook or would forget about some important beauty steps that are easily skipped but can make a world of difference.  Here is just a few that I often dread but would kick myself if I don't stick with them. 

For the Face:

I cleanse and moisturise my face religiously day and night but there is one step I often want to pass it up - Toning.  Is it an essential step or is it an extra step then?  I do think that it makes a difference if I tone my face as it helps locking up moisture in my skin.  After cleansing my face, it feels a little bit on the dry side so something to tighten the face is always welcome.  Recently I use a toner by a Taiwanese brand called Kwong Yuen Leung.  It's such an amazing budget skincare buy which costs only HK$29 (around £2.5).  I don't exactly know what the ingredient is in English but I think (don't quote me on this!) it is made from some sort of cucumber essence which all of you know is full of water.  It doesn't smell of anything and is extremely mild to the skin.  I am liking it so far.

Putting on serum is another 'habit' that I have taken up for about a year.  I must say some days I'm not sure if it's working but some days I just swear by it.  The one I'm currently using is Dr Sebagh Serum Repair,  it is shockingly expensive but I got this from the Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar last year.  You only need a tiny drop for the whole face.  Is it a nice product?  Yes it is but compared to other serum I've used in the past they work just as fine.  However if it is within your budget (£69 - £86.5), go for it!

Priming the face and eyes when applying makeup are also the two other essential steps that I now swear by it.  Although my skin can generally hold makeup quite well, I still want them to look top-notch by the end of the day with all the running around that I do now.  Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (or Hydrating Primer), and Nars Eye Primer are my firmed favourites.  They provide a smoother surface and endurance for the makeup that I apply on top.  The texture of both products are lovely, too.  

On the nails:

I tend to have ugly cuticles around my nails that often make quite a scene if I don't clear them up which also makes applying nail polish not nice.  Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover has been my good friend for a couple of years.  All you need to do it apply them round the cuticle on your nails, wait for a couple of minutes, then use a stick of some sort to push them in; rinse your nails with warm soapy water, you then get your lovely nails back and they are ready for some colours!  Speaking of putting on nail polishes, are you tempted to just apply nail polish directly to your nails?  Well, don't!  Never!  Not only nail polishes can damage your nails easily, without applying a Top Coat or Base Coat, they just don't last for as long as they should.  Any top coat or base coat will do but Seche Vite Top Coat is amazing!  I didn't like them before but after I rediscovered them, they are my nails life saviour; they provide my nails an extremely quick drying time and gives my nails like a gel nail finish - glossy and shiny!

Hope I have managed to give you some beauty tips on the steps that are often forgotten by most people.  Do you have any beauty steps that you swear by it?

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