Monday, 2 February 2015


Don't you have a real sense of achievement when you have finished a beauty product?  I know it sounds silly but I feel so liberated when I have emptied a beauty/skincare product!

Last month, I finished not one, but two products and I wanted to share with you how I felt about them.

About half a year ago when I was still pregnant, my skin has turned from dry to very dry and dehydrated.  I bought a Hydrating Foundation Primer by Laura Mercier, which have saved my 'life'.  I would apply this before I put on my foundation.  It was an essential step for me as it really has helped hydrating my skin, especially the driest part on my face, my nose.  It not only moisturised my skin but also provided the 'hydration' that my face needed.  My foundation went on much smoother and longer after using this.  I highly recommend this to anyone who has dry skin like I do.  You might think it's an extra step in applying your makeup but you would have yourself to thank for if you stick to this step.

Trying out different makeup remover is my thing.  Few months ago I received the Eau Micellaire Cleansing Water from My Little Box.  I love this beauty box, their contents are so special and often surprise me, go and subscribe if you haven't yet done so!  This cleansing water is very similar to the infamous Bioderma Cleansing Water that everyone seems to love (apart from me as it irritates me eyes).  It's a gentle little number, I wouldn't say it's very effective in removing makeup but at least a good 90% of my makeup is removed when I use it.  It doesn't bother me that much with the remaining 10% of makeup on my face because I often follow it up with a proper cleanse with either a cleansing oil or a cream.  This little bottle (150ml) has lasted me a good 2 to 2.5 months which is pretty amazing!  I don't know where you can get this from but perhaps in France?

What products have you emptied recently?  Did you like what you've finished using up?

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