Sunday, 8 February 2015


Today's post has been delayed and postponed for such a long time, purely because it just didn't make sense to me that what I'm going to write about has to be titled as a disappointing product.

I bought this based on a number of good reviews on Youtube, I have also tried Smashbox Always Sharp 3D Eyeliner which I loved.  So would you think it was only natural that I purchased this palette?

The palette in question is the Full Exposure eyeshadow palette, it also came with a miniature mascara which I wasn't blown away by it (but don't take my views on mascara too heavily as I have particularly fussy attitude towards what's a good mascara).  

The Full Exposure palette consists of 7 matte and 7 shimmering shades, it has both light and darker shades, warm and cool toned shades; which sound like the perfect eye shadow palette that one can dream of.  It also comes with a double ended brush which is actually a really fantastic brush that is on par with good quality brushes such as Real Techniques.

Since owning this in May last year, I have used it on and off since then but have never been impressed by it.... Recently I have taken it out again and was determined to create a few eye makeup looks with it that I would actually like.  But.... things just don't look up...

The colour pay off isn't bad, I mean it isn't as pigmented as the likes of Nars' makeup products but they are of good quality.  However, it seems very difficult to blend using a brush and appears patchy as a result.  No matter how hard I blend, blend and blend; I just don't get the end result that I was hoping for; even using the brush that is provided for...

However, when I tried to use my fingers to apply the eye shadows, the result seemed to be better in comparison but it still isn't something that is impressive...

I think I have given it enough attempts to finally make a fair decision on it that the Full Exposure palette and I just don't get along..... It's a shame but that's the truth.

Maybe you have a different experience to what I did?  Tell me what you think of this palette!

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