Monday, 16 February 2015


I was never a beauty spa goer but I do appreciate a bit of home spa treatment.  These days, painting my nails or having a mini facial at home is not down to me who decide when I can have it done but it's all dependent on Baby Lear. Whenever there's a spare moment of quiet down time, I make the most of it.

Recently I tried two budget products which made such a lasting effect on my face I'm so impressed by it that I had to do a big shout-out! They also made a lovely 2-step facial treatments that I'm determined to stick with!

Continuing with the success I had with the brand Formula 10.0.6, I decided to give its another product a go - Deep Down Detox Ultra Cleansing Mud Mask. I'm not normally an orange-scent product lover and I must be thinking of something quite different when I bought this. The orange scent in it isn't pungent at all and it doesn't annoy my sensory.  This mud mask is a light textured and coloured mud mask which does sting my skin a little bit but doesn't overwhelmed my sensitive skin.  It cleanses my skin so beautifully in just 10-15 minutes, it brightens and clears the pores on my skin.  My skin looks instantly more radiant and clean after using this and the result lasts until the next day!  How great is that!  and I have never tried something quite as effective as this!

The second step is to hydrate my skin and I am currently loving some paper face masks by Dr Morita (Sam Tin).  This hydration masks contain essence of caviar.  Sounds bizarre?  Well, they are when you are in Hong Kong you don't expect nothing less than diamond in your face masks I'm telling ya!  If it does contain caviar essence, brilliant but even if it doesn't; it's very very hydrating to the skin and my skin feels so refreshed afterwards!

I'm just so excited by these two products and how great the results are and the lasting power.  Normally I don't find having face masks done particularly amazing because of the lack of results seen the next day. 

What are you favourite face masks?  

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