Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Back in the days when I was still a high school student, and way before I became so obsessed about makeup; I was searching for the perfect mascara for my short, and straight eye lashes.  I have (kind of) come to terms with the fact that my lashes can only be enhanced so much with the help with some products.  May be eventually I will choose to go for an eyelash extension treatment but for the time being, I just need to live with what I have and rely on products that can give those tiny eye lashes a bit of a lift.

In the past, I went all out to curl and heat up my lashes a bit before applying products, you can view here for my eyelash routine.

These days, I've skipped the step of heating my lashes up just to save my precious time but I still continue curling them and applying a lash maximiser (essentially a base coat for lashes, similar to the Subversion Lash Primer by Urban Decay) by Kate; which I continue to love and have repurchased for more than 3 times now.  It does offer some kind of magical result - lengthening (quite a bit) and curling (a little tiny bit), essentially it provides a better hold for the lashes for mascara to be better coated to lashes.

I then usually need two types of mascara - volumising or lengthening plus a curling one.

I have been using My Little Beauty's Mascara Soin Et Volume which I got from my little paris box for a good 3-4 months and I really am loving how much volume and a little of of length that it gives my lashes.  It's a traditional kind of brush, by that I mean it doesn't have any fibre nor is it a curled shape wand.  The formula leans towards on the dry side which is brilliant in helping the products to coat on to each and every lash in my opinion.  It's great for building up the lashy type of lashes and I don't have problem with it smudging all over which is always welcome!

Okay, so volume is sorted, what about the curl?  I find that curling is the most difficult bit.  I've come across mascaras in the past that does a pretty good job in making those straight lashes curled up but it often lacks the ability to hold the curl.  Although I'm still testing out this Long and Curl Mascara by heroine make, I'm fairly satisfied with the result so far.  I mean, it doesn't give me the butterfly style fan out lashes but it does manage to make my lashes hold up fairly well at least for a good 4-5 hours. They are of a Japanese brand so I expected it to fit my type of lashes a bit more.  You do need to apply more than 2 coats at least to give you a more visible result but that's what I find with most mascaras, it takes time to build that volume/ length and curl up.

So.... I guess I'm happy with the lash combo so far but the search continues.....

I would be more than welcome to receive any product recommendations on mascaras for girls like me who have short and straight lashes!

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