Tuesday, 10 March 2015


I'm never quite a fill-in-those-brows kind of gals, so it does come in a surprise that I'm actually writing this post all dedicated about brows!

Recently, I seem to enjoy filling in my brows a lot more than before and I feel more confident about it, and noticed more of a difference the before and after.

There are two types of brow pencils which I have really been enjoying using lately.  Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil by hourglass in soft brunette was one that I bought based on all the hypes.  When I first bought it, I didn't like it purely because I have chosen a wrong shade, a tad too dark for me.  However, lately I have rediscovered the usage of it, and have mastered the skill of using it I think.  This one definitely helps to 'sculpt' the brows with its slanted tip, but cautious though; if you are a heavy handed makeup wearer, you really have to be careful with it.  A little and light-handed go a very long way.  A few soft stroke here and there will do me some nice and firm brows as mine are quite full anyway.  Afterwards, I would just use the brush at the other end to brush them through softly so that they are not that harsh.

What has really surprised me with filling in my brows is my recent favourite, by terry Eyebrow Liner.  I like the fine nip and the soft brown colour.  Because it's so fine, if you are a careless eyebrow filler, it doesn't cause that much of a scene.  I think this is a great product for both full and slightly sparse eye brows girls as you can take time to fill in your brows either way or just fill them in coarsely.  The end result is a lot softer compared to using Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil.  It really depends on what look I'm wearing that day.  If I want a more framed look that I would definitely go for the sculpting pencil, but if I want a more casual look then the by terry eyebrow liner is perfect.

What eyebrow pencils do you use to fill in your brows?

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